Thanksgiving on a Budget

Tips and ideas on how to save money on Thanksgiving dinner

PLAN AHEAD: Planning out your menu ahead of time will make everything easier and less stressful. Making a grocery list before you go to the store will enable you to find coupons and save more. Setting a budget for your shopping trip is also a good idea. That way if you think you will go over, you can re-evaluate your list and see what you can do without.

PREPAIR YOURSELF RATHER THAN “HEAT AND EAT”: I’m not saying you have to make everything from scratch, but where you can, do it! You will save a lot of money; those prepared foods can get really expensive. Take some extra time and save some money. Your guests and your wallet will appreciate it!

KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN FOR SALES: This one is kind of a given, but make sure you watch the grocery store ads for sales and don’t forget to check for coupons in the paper. Some fresh veggies can be blanched and frozen for later use. Also, some things in cans can be bought ahead of time.

HAVE A POTLUCK: If you are planning a large family gathering, why not ask everyone to bring a dish? Then all the work and expense won’t fall on one person.

GET A FREE TURKEY: Yes, it’s possible! During the holiday season grocery retailers are constantly competing for loyal customers by offering great deals to lure them into the stores. Both local and chain supermarkets have been known to offer a turkey, free of charge, if you spend a certain amount of money in their store. If they don’t offer this, they may offer other mealtime goodies like savory side dishes or delicious holiday pies and desserts. It doesn’t hurt to ask!

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