Winter Wonderland T-Shirt Craft

Need a fun family activity for this weekend? Our t-shirts are perfect for crafts and projects, especially with our low prices! We recently came across a great t-shirt holiday project we would love to share with you.  These beautiful winter wonderland T-shirts will make the perfect gift this holiday season! They are also easy to make and very affordable.


  •  Your favorite colored Rock Bottom T-Shirt
  • Rubber Gloves
  •  Plastic trash bags or table cloth
  •   Plastic grocery bags
  • Scissors
  • 3 Kitchen sponges
  • Bleach
  • Small disposable container
  • Spray bottle
  • Fabric markers
Follow these simple instructions:
1.  To begin, lay the shirt flat on a plastic trash bag or old tablecloth and slip one or two grocery bags flat inside it. Cut the sponges into a star and two circles, one slightly larger than the other. Rinse the sponges with water and wring them out thoroughly.
2. With a window open for ventilation, pour a shallow layer of bleach into the disposable container and about 2 inches into the spray bottle. Have your child spritz bleach across the bottom of the shirt to saturate it. They should gradually apply less bleach as they move up the shirt, ending with a thin mist across the middle. Allow the bleach to soak in for a moment to see how it’s working.
3. To build the snowman, help your child dip the larger round sponge into the bleach, squeezing to remove excess liquid, then press the sponge onto the shirt. Lift the sponge and check the boldness of the imprint. You can repeat this step if necessary, but should avoid using too much bleach, as this can obscure the image. Repeat with the smaller round sponge for the snowman’s head, then complete the scene with a bleached star. Allow the shirt to dry overnight, then soak it briefly in hot, soapy water.

Additional Tips:

If it’s not easily seen, you may want to mark the bleached (snow) and unbleached (sky) portions of the shirt with masking tape to avoid losing your snowman in a blizzard!

We hope you enjoy your fabulous new t-shirt and Happy Holidays!
Save time and money by purchasing your t-shirts for this project from Rock Bottom T-Shirts! Click the pictures below or visit our website to view these styles and many more!

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