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2 More Days for Long Sleeves 30% Off

We’re supposed to get some ice here in the SE this weekend, and we always get very excited and stock up on bread and milk. Well, there’s still plenty of winter left, and it’s been a cold one. So stock up on long sleeves while they are 30% off at our LAST CHANCE FOR LONG SLEEVES SALE. There’s only 2 days left. Not only will you find great long sleeve styles, we have some Toddler and Men’s fleece on sale, too.

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A View of the Night Sky

Since it’s too cold right now to go out and gaze at the night sky, check out these great t-shirts to bring the night sky to you. Although they require some daytime preparation, they will be sure to make a fashion statement long after the sun goes down!

• Black or Navy Rock Bottom T-Shirt
• Con-Tact® Paper*
• Cardboard
• Fabric Paint
• Cotton Swabs
• Foam Paint Brushes
• Glow-in-the-dark Paint
*Adhesive paper, available at any craft or school supply store


1. On the Con-Tact® paper, trace a round plate for a planet, or draw a waning moon and stars.

2. Cut from the center of the shape to create a stencil, then peel off the backing and press the stencil onto the shirt.

3. Insert a piece of cardboard between the shirt layers to keep the paint from bleeding through.

4. Use a paintbrush to fill in the shapes with fabric paint (we used white for the planet and moon, silver glitter for the stars).

5. After the paint dries, add a layer of glow-in-the-dark paint (we used orange for the planet, white for the rest).

6. When that paint is dry, peel off the stencil.

7. Add green glow-in-the-dark rings to the planet.

8. For small stars, use a cotton swab to dab glitter-paint dots onto the shirt.

9. Follow the fabric paint instructions for setting the design and washing your shirt

Check out these great Rock Bottom T-Shirt styles for this fun craft!

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No More Laundry for You!

I HATE LAUNDRY!! And as a Mom, it never seems to end. My son is a magnet for dirt and stains. And when he was a baby… look out! There was always a load going.

Well, look no further, because the scientists at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology have a solution for all of your laundry needs.

(Credit:, courtesy of KIST)

Yes, that’s right… robots. And while fans of Will Smith may find it a little bit too much like I Robot, I say bring em on. Scientists have now created two versions of domestic help robots. These robots can microwave food, do laundry (including picking up the clothes beforehand) and help with general all around clean up. What’s really cool is their latest version “Mahru-Z”, which is programmed to actually “see” chores that need to be done. Many moms out there would like to program their families to do that! To read more, check out this great article from (found on

Unfortunately, scientists are far away from mass production. So for now Moms, just try my solution for the new baby laundry pile-up. Buy enough infant bodysuits so they can dirty them up 10 times a day, but you only have to do laundry once per day! That’s pretty easy at Rock Bottom T-Shirts where infant bodysuits are $1 – $3 each! And new mom tip: While you’re there pick up some shirts for yourself, because believe it or not, you will get very dirty, too!

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Select long sleeves styles are 30% off this week. Even though plenty of Spring fashion is available from Rock Bottom T-Shirts, there are actually more than 50 days of winter left this year. So stay warm for less with Rock Bottom T-Shirts’ Long Sleeve Sale!

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Get Ready for Super Bowl Sunday

With the AFC and NFC Championships this weekend, Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner!  Here are some tips to help you get ready.
Get Your Gear On – While a team jersey is one way to show your spirit, another is to sport your team colors.  This can be harder than you think, especially when trying to outfit your entire family.  Rock Bottom T-Shirts is here to help!  The styles below are available in great team colors including Purple for the Vikings, Kelly for the Jets, Royal for the Colts and Black or Gold for the Saints.
Baby’s First Super Bowl

Future NFL Champions
T-Shirts for the Adult Fans
To Host or Not To Host? – Now that you have your gear, where do you go from here?  First you must decide if you are going to host a party, go to a party, go to a sports bar or watch the game at home.  Hosting a party is great fun and a way to make sure you are with your favorite people as your favorite team plays!  Having a big screen TV is a must, along with a relaxed attitude about how clean your guests will keep your house.
Also, think hard about food.  While hot dogs and hamburgers are party favorites, do you really want to be away from the screen cooking while the game is going?  Consider doing a huge spread of “finger foods” you can prepare beforehand and your guests can eat while they watch the game.  For some recipe and party ideas visit, Spotbowl and Fine Cooking.
If catching every moment of the game is important, you may want to consider going elsewhere for a party rather than hosting.  Sports bars and friend’s parties are fun; just don’t forget they are loud and boisterous.  For me, this is what makes the Super Bowl fun, “whooping” it up with your friends.  If the loud crowd isn’t for you, you can always watch from home (sporting your team colors, of course) and still have plenty to talk about around the water cooler tomorrow!
Commercials – We all know someone who actually likes the commercials more than the game (and I have been that person from time to time).  There are a ton of websites out there that will post the commercials and let you rate them during the game.  Check out Spotbowl, which has a planned commercial line up and a blog with commercial rumorsSuperBowl-Ads where you can view a great archive of ads along with some previews for 2010; and SuperBowl Commercials, which also has great archives and has a new supposedly better-than-ever site for 2010.
Have a great Super Bowl Sunday February 7, and may your favorite team win!!

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20% Off Infant Accessories this Week

Also, come back tomorrow for a post on how to get ready for Superbowl Sunday!

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Rock Bottom T-Shirts is making it easy to get a head start on shopping for your spring wardrobe! We are now offering over 60 items from our Spring Collections at half off. Get spring styles for the whole family at crazy low prices THIS WEEK ONLY! We have styles for Ladies, Juniors, Girls, Toddlers, Infants and more. This sale is over Jan. 17, 2010, so don’t wait! Visit to start saving on spring!

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