No More Laundry for You!

I HATE LAUNDRY!! And as a Mom, it never seems to end. My son is a magnet for dirt and stains. And when he was a baby… look out! There was always a load going.

Well, look no further, because the scientists at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology have a solution for all of your laundry needs.

(Credit:, courtesy of KIST)

Yes, that’s right… robots. And while fans of Will Smith may find it a little bit too much like I Robot, I say bring em on. Scientists have now created two versions of domestic help robots. These robots can microwave food, do laundry (including picking up the clothes beforehand) and help with general all around clean up. What’s really cool is their latest version “Mahru-Z”, which is programmed to actually “see” chores that need to be done. Many moms out there would like to program their families to do that! To read more, check out this great article from (found on

Unfortunately, scientists are far away from mass production. So for now Moms, just try my solution for the new baby laundry pile-up. Buy enough infant bodysuits so they can dirty them up 10 times a day, but you only have to do laundry once per day! That’s pretty easy at Rock Bottom T-Shirts where infant bodysuits are $1 – $3 each! And new mom tip: While you’re there pick up some shirts for yourself, because believe it or not, you will get very dirty, too!

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