A View of the Night Sky

Since it’s too cold right now to go out and gaze at the night sky, check out these great t-shirts to bring the night sky to you. Although they require some daytime preparation, they will be sure to make a fashion statement long after the sun goes down!

• Black or Navy Rock Bottom T-Shirt
• Con-Tact® Paper*
• Cardboard
• Fabric Paint
• Cotton Swabs
• Foam Paint Brushes
• Glow-in-the-dark Paint
*Adhesive paper, available at any craft or school supply store


1. On the Con-Tact® paper, trace a round plate for a planet, or draw a waning moon and stars.

2. Cut from the center of the shape to create a stencil, then peel off the backing and press the stencil onto the shirt.

3. Insert a piece of cardboard between the shirt layers to keep the paint from bleeding through.

4. Use a paintbrush to fill in the shapes with fabric paint (we used white for the planet and moon, silver glitter for the stars).

5. After the paint dries, add a layer of glow-in-the-dark paint (we used orange for the planet, white for the rest).

6. When that paint is dry, peel off the stencil.

7. Add green glow-in-the-dark rings to the planet.

8. For small stars, use a cotton swab to dab glitter-paint dots onto the shirt.

9. Follow the fabric paint instructions for setting the design and washing your shirt

Check out these great Rock Bottom T-Shirt styles for this fun craft!

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