Budget Your Budget

In this economy, or any economy for that matter, all the smart people have budgets. It is easy to have one. You can write it down, have it on your computer, even keep it in your head. The trick is to stick to it.
Isn’t that the hardest part? I’d much rather buy than save. Buying is so much more fulfilling! Saving can be fulfilling too. Do you have a special treat in mind for yourself? A new computer or family vacation perhaps. When we save for those large purchases it helps keep our vision of money clear.
Sometimes though, our budget needs a budget. Huh? Track your budget each day to catch overspending. It can be as easy as the simple act of writing down every single purchase in a journal. Alice Wood, has developed a budget system that fits all income levels.
She says “It’s hard to keep track of how we spend because spending is so easy, with all the different ways to pay like auto pay, PayPal, credit cards, debit cards, checks, how do you know what you’re spending?
When you don’t track, it’s easy to fudge. Many people are unconscious of their spending until they’re forced to write it down. Suddenly, the reality of the $5 lunch or late-afternoon snack run becomes clear.
$5 a day in snacks or in the vending machine (say you only spend it at work) becomes $1300 a year! If you put that $5 a day in a piggy bank…that’s a pretty nice shopping trip!
Now even when you’re on a budget, you still have to spend money. Everyone needs new clothes. But can you buy quality clothes on a budget? Absolutely. If you are a follower, you know that RockBottomT-Shirts.com has tons of clothes for everyone in the family, all under $10! Where else can you get golf shirts for $6, Ladies Warm Ups for $10 a piece as well as top quality juniors, girls and kids clothes all under $10? Oh and did I mention free shipping on sales over $35?
So make this the year of the budget, and save money while still buying!
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Information courtesy of MSN Money

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