Hate it when you can’t find anything in your wardrobe?

Follow these steps to make it clean and organized. Have fun! Don’t obsess!

1. Begin by making a list of outfits.  Choose two or three colors that mix and match. Spend a few days combining different tops with different pants or skirts.  Keep the list for quick reference.
2. Make sure you have at least 2 or more hours to devote to cleaning.  It’s a lengthy process, but it is very rewarding!
3. Empty out your closet and dresser drawers completely.  Lie items down on the bed or some flat surface (the floor; but make sure it is cleaned first) for easier sorting.
4. Label three boxes with a permanent marker: Charity, Throw Away and Sew/Repair.
5. Toss into the Throw Away box anything that is severely stained or otherwise ruined beyond repair.
6. Ask yourself: Will I ever wear this? Does it even fit me? Have I worn it in the past year?
7. If the answer to the questions above are ”no”, place the items that either don’t fit or you never wear into the Charity box. These have to still be wearable, so no horrible stains or rips/tears.
8. Place any items into the Sew/Repair box only if you actually intend on getting them repaired in a reasonable amount of time. Otherwise, toss them into the Throw Away box.
9. Seal the Charity box with duct tape. This ensures that you are not tempted to re-open it and change your mind.  Be sure and promptly take the Charity box to the local charity or call the charity for pickup (if available). You don’t want a box full of clothes that someone else could use just cluttering up your house!
10. Create outfits from whatever clothes that remain. Be sure to include any accessories you’ll use. [This will be easier when you have fewer clothes and can see what you have to work with.]
11. Make a note of any pieces that are missing (for example, a blouse to go with a blazer and slacks) in a notebook. Save this list for when you have time to go clothes shopping.  You could even snip a very small swatch of the fabric from a hidden hem and attach it in the notebook to make matching items easier.
12. Hang up, fold and put away whatever items remain, and put them in neatly!
Now that you have cleaned and sorted your closet and drawers, it’s time to shop for great deals on replacement or coordinating items for your wardrobe. You can always find great deals at Rock Bottom T-Shirts, where there is a new sale every week!

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