More great ways to recycle your old t-shirts.


 Because t-shirt material does not fray, you can cut them into pieces without having to worry that they will fray or come apart in the wash. This is great because it means that you can cut up your old t-shirts and recycle them into new things without having to do much or even any sewing at all.

Facial Cloths
If you use cloths on your face either to cleanse or to remove make-up, you can make your own cleansing cloths from your old shirts. All you need to do is cut the pieces of cloth in the size and shape that you desire. To remove make-up, simply dab a little extra virgin olive oil onto a plain dry cloth and wipe your skin.

If you would like to make your own astringent cloths for cleansing and controlling acne, place your cloths inside of an airtight plastic container such as a diaper wipe box or a clean margarine tub and soak the cloths with 100% witch hazel extract. Witch hazel extract is a great all-natural astringent and antiseptic that can be found very cheaply in most drug stores and grocery stores. Check the first aid section next to the rubbing alcohol.

These cleansing cloths can be tossed in the laundry hamper and washed with the rest of your clothes. Be sure to wash any cloths that have make-up on them with your dark-colored laundry to prevent staining your clothes.
Cleaning Rags

Save money on paper towels and help save the environment by making cleaning rags out of your old t-shirts. No sewing is necessary, simply cut the t-shirts into washcloth-sized squares. Once you have used them, toss them in with the laundry and wash and use them again. These rags are also great to use in your car when checking the oil and doing repairs.

Reusable handkerchiefs are a great way to recycle your old t-shirts and also a wonderful way to help the environment by reducing the number of tissues that go into landfills and also reduce the number of trees cut down to produce the millions of tissues that we use each day.

You will not need to do any sewing, simply cut thin material t-shirts into squares to be used as handkerchiefs. Toss them in with the rest of your laundry to wash them. Keep a few in your purse and in your car’s glove box for emergencies.

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