Happy National Puppy Day

National Puppy Day, founded in 2006, was created to promote puppy adoption and to forward education about the cruelness of puppy mills. A dog can provide years of love and joy and is a great fit for many families. However, puppies and dogs are a big responsibility. According to Petfinder.com, over 85% of pets in shelters and rescue programs were given up over “resolvable issues.” So before you adopt sit down with your family and discuss how you will take care of this new member of the family. Some items to discuss include:

  1. Is your residence suitable for a pet?
  2. Which adult will take care of the pet?
  3. Does anyone in your household have a health issue that may be affected by a pet?
  4. What kind of plans will you make for your pet while you are at work or traveling?
  5. What breed will best fit your lifestyle?
These are just a few items to take into consideration before adopting. Click here for a great checklist on adopting a pet from Petfinder.com. Once you’ve been over the checklist with your family, you can visit Petfinder.com to find places to adopt your pet and articles on raising your new loved one.
Now that you have a great new pet, don’t forget some fashionable tees, too. All dog tees are 33% off this week at RockBottomT-Shirts.com.

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