Spring Tanks with Flower Power

With the weather warming up, we are all putting away our winter clothes and pulling out our spring and summer collection. Here in the south, it seems as though spring has passed us by and summer is already here. We all love to layer tanks, but sometimes they need a little something to make them stand out. A great way to update a blank tank is with a little spring time embellishment. (Craft directions courtesy of FAMILYCORNER.COM)

You will need
Solid color tank top
Flower shaped stamps, we used three different sizes
Lime green 3D fabric paint
Pink 3D fabric paint
Pink glitter fabric paint
Fabric paint in pink, purple, and yellow (or any colors you would like for your flowers)
If you have acrylic paint in these colors, you can use textile medium to make your own fabric paint. Textile medium is available at craft supply stores in the acrylic paint section.

What you do

  • Wash and dry tank top to remove the sizing, do NOT use fabric softener.
  • Lay tank top on a flat surface and insert cardboard inside garment to prevent any paint from seeping through.
  • Using a paintbrush, paint the largest flower stamp. Carefully press the stamp down onto the fabric, applying firm but gentle pressure. You don’t want to press too hard as it may blur your design.
  • Repeat this step for the purple flower and for the yellow flower. Allow to dry for 30 minutes before moving on to the next step.
  • Turn the tank top inside out. Place a piece of cloth over the backside of the area that you painted and heat set with an iron on medium setting. To heat set, run the iron gently over the cloth covered painted area (cloth should be covering the back side of the paint, shirt should be inside out), holding iron in place for about 20 seconds.
    Turn shirt back the right way and insert cardboard again.
  • Use green 3D paint to draw on short lines as leaves. Use the pink paints to fill in the center circles of the flowers.
  • Allow to dry completely, at least overnight. Check manufacturer’s suggestions on the back of the paint tubes.
    For the longest life of your creation, we recommend washing your garment inside out in cold water, no dryer, or dryer on low or no heat.

If you make this project we’d love to see it! Just send your photos and comments and it may get published on our Face Book page!
Check out these tanks, perfectly priced for this great project:

Jr 2×1 Rib Tank      Jr Skinny Strap Tank        Jr Tank Dress

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