Mother’s Day T-Shirt Craft

With Mother’s Day coming up fast, there is always a need for a quick last minute gift. While flowers and jewelry are always appreciated they can be out of the range of most kid’s piggy banks. Here is a cute craft the kids can do (with a little help from Dad) to give Mom a truly personal gift.

Basic Materials Needed:
1. T-Shirt in Mom’s Size, white or light colored
2. Washable Fabric Paint in several colors
3. Disposable plate paper plates 1 for each color
4. Paintbrush or Foam brush
5. Fabric paint pen
6. Cardboard big enough to fit inside the t-shirt
7. Newspaper

1. Spread the newspaper over your entire working surface and the floor below. This step is important because fabric paints are very difficult to remove from carpeting if spilled. You may also want to change the kids into play clothes for this project.

2. Decide on a design for the hand print t-shirt. You can do random patterns or choose to create a special design. You may also want each child to create his or her own special custom hand print shirt for Mom or you can combine all the hand prints onto one shirt.

3. Pour a small amount of fabric paint onto a paper plate. Add one fabric paint color per paper paint.

4. Flatten the t-shirt onto the working surface. Lay the cardboard between the layers of the t-shirt to prevent the fabric paint from leeching into the backside of the shirt.

5. Spread enough fabric paint onto your child’s hand to ensure a good impression on the t-shirt. Be careful that your child does not have too much paint or the hand print will not be crisp.

6. Press your child’s hand onto the t-shirt in a random pattern or a special design. Older children can handle this step without assistance, but babies and toddlers will need your help to make a clean hand impression. Be sure to press each finger down onto the t-shirt.

7. Use the fine tip fabric paint to write a special message. Remember to include the child’s name, date, and age.

8. Let the shirt dry per the recommended instructions on the fabric paints. You’ll most likely need to keep the shirt drying flat for at least 24 hours so find a good hiding place!

This gift can be made anytime, because Mom’s love to feel special everyday!

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