Fall 2010 Fashion Trends

Rock Bottom T-Shirts Camo Tees

Rock Bottom T-Shirts Ladies 3/4 Camo Tee

2010 has been an exciting year for fashion and we expect this momentum to continue into the fall season.  Experts are predicting that as the global economy continues to rebound we can expect to see the fashion industry leap to new heights. And with the arrival of fall the fashion industry is poised for something big.  The theme of the 2010 Fall fashion scene can be best summarized as “merging style and function to keep you feeling warm while looking cool”.

The most noticeable trend this fall season is the re-emergence of military inspired fashion.  This look can best be described as a style of contrasts.   That’s because on the one hand the camouflage look is based upon functionality and utility; yet this is a sleek look that utilizes slim cuts and darker hues.

Where this fall’s military fashion styles differ from previous years is in the sleekness and colors.  In the past trends the military look was usually associated with loose fitting or baggy clothing.  Additionally, in previous years brown represented the military  look.  Whereas today, army green and navy are the colors that carry this look. We hope that you’ve enjoyed our 2010 fall fashion preview.

And if you’re looking to achieve the sleek fashion look that was described in this post, then look no further than the Rock Bottom T-Shirts camouflage line that includes long sleeve t-shirts, short sleeve t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, and infant bodysuits.

One more thing. Camo clothing isn’t just for the fashion conscious, its also for the entire family-including children.  To learn more check out this article on camouflouge clothing from MSNBC.

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