What is Combed Ringspun Fabric?

Rock Bottom T-Shirts Infant Baby Rib Bodysuit

Rock Bottom T-Shirts Infant Baby Rib Bodysuit is made from 100% Combed Ring Spun Fabric

An Explanation of Combed Ringspun Fabric

Recently, Rock Bottom T-Shirts has had a substantial number of customers come to us and ask, “what’s combed ring spun fabric?”  Since it’s a question that we receive so often, we thought it would be good to share the answer with our readers. So if this is a question that you’ve ever asked yourself, this is your post.

To be fair the answer to the question, “what does combed ring spun mean?” is not as straight forward as you might think.  If you asked a textile manufacturer this question you’d probably receive an answer where every other sentence was loaded with technical industry jargon.  However, since we cater to a more consumer oriented audience we wanted to try and make this answer as simple as possible without damaging the integrity of the subject matter at hand.

Yarn Combing Process

The first step required is to turn the raw cotton into fiber, so that it can be produced into actual fabric, this is done through the cleaning process.  The basic cleaning process removes all the cotton stems, lint, and “trash” from the cotton.  The next step is the combing process which is done to achieve a higher quality of fiber-giving the finished fabric a much softer touch.  It’s an additional cleaning step where a textile machine, known as a comb, combs the fiber to remove any short fibers, so that the remaining yarn is made up of only the longer fibers.  The end result is a longer fiber that is much softer.

Ring Spinning Process

The ring spinning process occurs when fibers are put into a spinning wheel and spun into yarn.   The purpose of ring spinning is to produce a finer yarn, the best yarn to achieve a soft garment.

So for the softest garments – look for the term “100% Combed Ring Spun Cotton”

Girls Thermal T-Shirt

Girls Thermal T-Shirt

Rock Bottom T-Shirts Infant Baby Rib Bodysuit

Infant Baby Rib Bodysuit

Girls Thermal T-Shirt

Girls Thermal T-Shirt

Ladies Camo 3/4 Sleeve Tee

Ladies Camo 3/4 Sleeve Tee

Rock Bottom T-Shirts carries a wide selection of shirts and creepers made from combed ring spun.  Why not take a look for yourself to see the combed ring spun difference!  Hint you can click on the images above or do a search for “combed ring spun” on the Rock Bottom T-Shirts web site.

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