Whats the Impact of the 2011 Top Ten Spring Fashion Collections?

Elie Saab Haute Couture Spring Summer 2008 - 5

Image by Ammar Abd Rabbo via Flickr

Style.com has released its Top Ten Collections of Spring 2011 with the headline “Fun is Back”.  It is accompanied by a great slide show featuring styles from these collections.  Let’s be honest you’re never going to see these styles at Rock Bottom T-Shirts and it’s unlikely you’ll see them at your local department store either.

What Do Top Ten Collections of Spring 2011 Mean for You?

Answer…It is a window into what you will see in the next year at retail.  You’ll notice bold colors, vibrant prints and flowing styles, especially in the skirts.  Most items had higher neck lines than the plunging V-Necks and Scoop Necks we’ve seen in the past.  Another fashion clue is the skirt lengths.  They are either knee or floor-length.  As someone who’s not a big fan of mini-skirts, such as me, this is great news because retailers and designers take these fashion clues and incorporate them into their everyday wear.

We hope you enjoyed this little look into how merchandisers at your local retail stores might interpret the styles they see on the runway.  At Rock Bottom T-Shirts, we focus on timeless classics rather than high-end fashion.  But even we look at the latest fashion trends to provide inspiration in color, sleeve length and body styling while trying to produce quality garments that will remain a favorite-year after year.


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