Fall and Winter Color Trend Series: Pantone Fall 2010 Colors

2010 Fall Fashion Trends

2010 Fall Fashion Trends

If you have been following the Rock Bottom T-Shirts Blog this post will be a break from what you may have seen in the past.  This piece actually represents the first installment of a 3-post series on Fall & Winter color trends.

What we aim to do with this series is to take three major color forecasters and highlight the similarities and differences between each forecast for this fall and winter season.

You may be asking yourselves, “why bother with runway fashion trends?”  Color is probably the #1 trend that transitions easily from runway to storefront.  You probably have already started seeing these fall fashion colors at your local clothing stores.  For more information about translating runway trends to your closet, check out our post from last week on the Spring 2011 fashions that may soon be hitting stores near you.

To kick off this series we’re going to start off with Pantone’s Fashion Colors for Fall 2010.   Pantone is “the world-renowned authority on color” and creator of the Pantone® Matching System®, used for color standardization throughout many industries including fashion and interior design.  An underlying theme to Pantone’s Fall 2010 palette is taking classic colors and mixing them with vibrant colors more often seen in Spring and Summer palettes.

Here’s what Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute® says about Pantone’s 2010 Fashion Colors:

“Mindful of consumers’ need for practicality, plus their desire for newness, designers offer many options for women to extend and embellish their wardrobes this fall.  Building on the color palette from spring, this season’s offerings include innovative takes on fundamental basics, as well as transporting, lively colors that conjure images of travel and adventure, whether real or aspirational.”

Pantone Fall Color Pallet

Here are the top 10 colors for women from the Pantone Fall 2010 Color Palette.  Pantone does a fabulous job coming up with fun color names and while we may call the woodbine “olive” or oyster gray “silver” you get an idea of the vibrant shades of summer mixed with the cooler, more traditional tones of fall and winter as Eiseman describes.

So what does this mean for you and Rock Bottom T-Shirts?  Well the good news is that we love color!!  Our most popular ladies scoop neck t-shirt comes in 42 shades!  Some ideas to make this color pallet work for you include:

1.       Mix our lavender t-shirt with a gray skirt for a corporate casual day look, mirroring a  Purple Orchid/Oyster Gray combo.

2.      Try our ¾ sleeve tee in Olive with a nice pair of khaki pants for a day at the mall.

3.      Pair our eggplant long sleeve t-shirt with a fashionable pair of gold slacks for a fashionable fusion of colors.

Rock Bottom T-Shirts Model Highlighting the Fall 2010 Look

Rock Bottom T-Shirts: The Fall 2010 Look

For a fun look at how high end fashion designers used this color palette in their designs, download the full Pantone® Fashion Color Report for Fall 2010.

Drop by our Facebook page and let us know if you are seeing any of these color trends in retail stores  and what they mean to you.  Come back on the following Wednesday to see what Premiere Vision Color Trends has to say about emerging color trends and how those stack up against Pantone’s projections.


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