How to Find Great T-Shirts Online

Ladies 3/4 Sleeve V-Neck T-Shirt

Ladies 3/4 Sleeve V-Neck T-Shirt | Rock Bottom T-Shirts

When shopping for t-shirts online there are so many choices to choose from that what should be an easy thing to do can quickly turn out to be quite daunting.  Here are some tips to help you find great T-Shirts online:

  1. Goals.  Have a goal in mind and know what you’re looking for from the start.  Not doing this makes the process a whole lot more difficult and time consuming than it needs to be.  For example, instead of just shopping for any plain t-shirt why not narrow that down by shopping for long sleeve thermal tees?
  2. Comparison Shopping Engines.  Instead of just using a search engine like google, try a shopping comparison engines like Nextag, Biz-Rate, Google Product Search and more.  The benefit of these engines is that you are looking at products, not websites.  The drawback is that most engines charge retailers to place products and it’s also a time consuming process for the retailer, so you may not find as many options here as you would in a traditional search engine search.
  3. Online Stores.  When it comes to buying products online all online shops are not equal.  Things to look for in addition to pricing are customer service contact information, product variety, return policy, specials page, sizing charts and privacy policy just to name a few.
  4. Reliability.  Another thing that’s important when you’re shopping for t-shirts online is reliability.  One of the things that you can do to gauge the reliability of online retailers is to visit their social profiles-such as their Facebook Fan Page to see what others are saying about them.
  5. Fabric Quality. When you’re purchasing t-shirts online it’s easy to simply go for the shirt with the prettiest graphic or the lowest price.  However, the quality of the t-shirt is a factor that will stay with you long after the feeling that comes from finding a good bargain.  To understand the quality you’re paying for be sure to read the detailed description that online retailers offer on their product page.  Generally speaking, terms that you want to look for are ring spun or combed cotton-these are typically going to be your more high quality, softer shirts.

You also will want to look at the weight of the shirts.  The weight tells you how much a square yard of fabric weighs- usually the lighter the weight the more form fitting the garment will be while a heavier weight garment will drape more.  Shirts that are 4.5 oz or less are usually considered light weight.

To learn more about Rock Bottom T-Shirts, visit our About Rock Bottom T-Shirts page or our Facebook Fan Page.  Rock Bottom T-Shirts features a wide variety of t-shirts for Ladies, Juniors, Girls, Toddlers, Infants and even your dog.  Check out our website to view our wide selection of styles.

We hope that you have found these tips helpful.  If you have any tips to make searching for t-shirts online easier, leave us a Comment or drop by our Facebook page and share with us there.


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