Color Trend Series: Premiere Vision Fall and Winter 2009/2010 Color Forecast

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Today we’re going to look at what Premiere Vision has to say about this fall and winter’s colors.

Premiere Vision is a French fashion boutique whose primary business has been hosting and creating some of the world’s largest fashion and fabric fairs for over 37 years.  This type of longevity has its rewards; one of which is their ability to pull together the world’s top designers to talk about color trends.

Today we’re going to review their Premiere Vision Color Trends Autumn Winter 2009/2010 report, which was created back in 2008.  It is amazing how they are able to accurately predict trends so far in advance; while still being so adept at hitting the mark again and again.Premier Vision Autumn Colors

One of the things that stood out to me, when reading their 2009/2010 Autumn Winter color report, was how similar one of its predictions was to Pantone’s 2010 Color Report.

The similarity has more to do with the designers’ creative intent than it does to the colors themselves.  Essentially Premiere Vision, like Pantone, predicted that this fall and summer  designers would use color as a way to help enliven the moods US consumers.  However, this is where similarities end because when it comes to functionality these two reports do have some differences.

For instance, whereas Pantone’s report would indicates that we will see this fall and winter season’s colors spur a return to practicality in fashion; Premiere Vision’s color trend report seems to say that this fall and winter season’s colors will bring out a much more bold and invigorating quality in this season’s fashions.

To help illustrate this point here’s an excerpt from the Premiere Vision Color Trends Autumn Winter 2009/2010 report that summarizes this concept of boldness:

“observing/taking/upsetting attracting/joking/saturating/rebounding/interpreting to revive a combative confidence and creative boldness fearlessly experimenting flaunting fantasy without guilt being moved by reckless handles provoking unusual behaviors running away with heaviness abandoning consensus eluding codes/ intersecting references”

If Premiere Vision is correct then this fall/winter then we should soon begin seeing manufacturers and retailers do three things:

1.       Pair dark clothes with highly intensified almost neon-like bright colors
2.       Use colors from nature to create a look that is explosive but yet also calming
3.       Creating ensembles from neutrals-inspired by the warmth of leaves and tree bark during the cooler months

Ladies V-Neck T-Shirt

Ladies V-Neck T-Shirt

As we mentioned in our previous color series post Rock Bottom T-Shirts has a wide array of shades and colors for you to choose from.  This means that whether you choose to go with bold colors or practical ones we have you covered.  A great example is our ladies V-neck t-shirt which comes in 37 colors ranging from neutral to bright.  To see another example of our color in action we’d also encourage you to take a look at the colors that we offer our long sleeve ladies t-shirt in.

And again we’d like to know if you are seeing any of these color trends in retail stores and what they mean to you.  So don’t forget to leave a comment here or visit us on our Facebook page to share your thoughts.    Come back on the following Wednesday to see what CIFF (Copenhagen International Fashion Fair) has to say about emerging fall and winter color trends


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