Top 5 Crafting Resources for Beginners

Image of a Craft Bag

Crafting is Fun For All Ages

Rock Bottom T-Shirts writes a number of posts about painting, embroidering and embellishing t-shirts.  However, we realize that some of our readers may be new to “fun with crafting”.

So what we’ve done below is put together a list of crafting resources that will help you get started with crafts; providing  information not just on t-shirt and fabric crafts but on all kinds of crafts that you can do with your own two hands.

  1.  A great place to start for ideas and out of the box craft designs.
  2. THE site to checkout for family friendly crafts. There are more ideas than you have time for!
  3. Check this site out for ideas, blogs, books, and even discussion groups.
  4. What The This is a great database that has craft tips, tutorials, supplier resources, selling guides… you name it, they’ve got it on this site.
  5. Hancock Fabric. This is one of the best places for fabric & craft choices. Their designs are beautiful and you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for.

You can also check out big-box sites like Michael’s, Jo-Ann Fabric and Hobby Lobby for great ideas and supplies.  Combine our tips and products along with the resources above and you’re well on your way to becoming a crafts superstar!

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