Give the Gift of Flowers

Fabric Corsage Image

Fabric Corsages Make Great Gifts

This project makes a great gift for any fashion focused girl.  The best part of this craft is everything is customizable and you can make it on the cheap with just a few items.You can pick the fabric and findings and make each one uniquely theirs (or yours).

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 2-1/3-yard lengths of  lightweight jersey in contrasting colors (we used two t-shirts found for $1 a piece))
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Decorative buttons or broken costume jewelery
  • Sew-on pinback
  • Pliers (If you need to clean-up the costume jewelery)
Petal pattern image

1. Petal pattern

You’ll first need to make a pattern for your petals (You can use any scrap paper hanging around). You need to have one set smaller the the  other.  You can vary the size of your corsage by changing the sized of your petals. Cut the pattern out and pin to your fabric. Since the jersey is thin, you can cut four layers at a time with no problem.

Fabric Flower Cut Out Photo

2. Fabric Flower Cut Out (Center)

Once you’ve cut out the petals, begin with the smallest petals by overlapping the first two layers. Fold the overlapped pieces in half, and put two stitches at the center of the fold. Fold the petals over in the other direction and stitch again. Add the two remaining smaller petal pieces to the finished center using the same crisscross stitches.

Finished Fabric Flower Image

3. The Fabric Flower is Almost Done

Continue adding the larger petals in the same fashion until all the petals are on your flower. Tie off your stitches with a few slipknots and trim any extra thread.

You can then sew to the front, buttons (flat works best), costume jewelry or another cool bauble that will make your flower shine.

Completed Fabric Flower

4. Your Fabric Flower is Now Complete

Once your jewelry is firmly secured to the center of your flower, sew on the pinback. Use a lot of stitches to firmly attach the pinback.

Because of the versatility of this flower, you can use this flower pattern to embellish a whole host fashion must-haves like t-shirts, purses, headbands, hats and jackets to name a few. Made on a smaller scale, they are great for little girls clothes too.

A few extra notes: Use contrasting buttons to give the flower a little punch. Use solid colors for a more subdued look or bright printed fabrics for a pop 0f color.

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