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Four 2011 New Years Resolutions

Four 2011 New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year 2011 image

2011 New Year’s Resolutions

With 2010 all but gone now’s the best time to reflect on this past year while also looking forward to the new one-ahead of us.

2010 was a wonderful year for the Rock Bottom T-Shirts blog.  We moved from Blogger to our current platform without a hitch.  We have also steadily added the type of content that we feel matters to you the most.

And although we’re really pleased with how things went for us in 2010, we’re looking forward to an even better year for us in 2011.   As a matter of fact, we’ve come up with four New Year’s resolutions that we’d like to share with you. Continue reading

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Easy to Make “Happy New Year” Garland

Make This Fun & Easy Garland. Image Courtesy of Amanda Formaro.

We saw this project on Kaboose and just had to share. It is easy enough to get the kids involved plus the directions are so simple that you can even branch out and create garlands for other occasions too! Continue reading

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2010 Fashion Trend Review

Fashionable Woman's Hat-Runway Fashions

Fashion Looks

2010 saw a rebirth of inspired fashion.  The Rock Bottom T-Shirts blog is fortunate to have been able to embark on our fashion journey this year.  We have chronicled topics such as color trends, seasonal looks, as well as some general fashion trends.

Through it we’ve been able to uncover something that reinforces our belief that the American consumer is amazingly resilient.  Credit should also go to our nation’s fashion designers who so intuitively found subtle ways to interweave themes of hope, happiness, and inspiration onto the runway in 2010. Continue reading

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Shop Like A Pro-After Christmas

Image of Shopping Bags Depicting an After Christmas Sale

The Real Savings Begin After Christmas!

After-Christmas sales can be a wonderful time to load up on bargains – and this applies to more than just Christmas items.  This piece will show you how to make the best of these bargains.  Enjoy! Continue reading

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It’s Never Too Late to Shop!

OK so our deadline has passed for guaranteed delivery of orders by Christmas, but guess what?  You can still get great gifts for your friends and family. How? Buy them a Rock Bottom T-Shirts Gift Certificate. Continue reading

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Easy Felt-Fabric Ornaments

Felt Fabric Christmas Ornaments

Easy to Make Fabric Ornaments

With the kids being out of school soon this easy and fun project is sure to keep their hands busy. This idea is good for any time of year as you can vary the fabric and embellishment to make personalized gift tags for weddings, baby showers or just to add a personal touch to any gift. Continue reading

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Evaluating Local Charities

Salvation Army Bell Ringer

Image Courtesy of the Salvation Army

Donating to a local cause, especially at this time of the year, can be such a fulfilling event. This is why it’s a good idea to know, in advance, who you’re giving your money to and how they will be using it.

So as you ponder which charity to assist through your donations, we’d like to provide you with a few tips on evaluating those charities. Continue reading


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