T-Shirt Selection for the Holidays Made Easy

Ladies Camo 3/4 Sleeve Tee

Ladies Camo 3/4 Sleeve Tee

We have a number of customers who ask , “which t-shirt would you recommend?”  And since the holiday-gift giving season has begun we thought we’d do a post for anyone whose considering giving t-shirts as a gift this year.

Since there are so many factors to consider when selecting a t-shirt you may not be surprised to learn that there aren’t any hard fast answers that can elevate a single type of t-shirt over all other t shirt varieties.  So when helping customers to address this question we often try to find out which t shirt is best for the wearer’s particular needs.

Here are the considerations that you should consider before deciding upon which t-shirt to select:

T-Shirt Usage -Do you know or have an idea of how the recipient uses t-shirts?  i.e. Some people use t-shirts as outdoor work gear, some like wearing tees while jogging or working out, still others enjoy wearing their t-shirts around the house, while you have some folks that like incorporating their t-shirts into their fashion attire.

Believe it or not each of these uses could point to an entirely different type of t shirt.

T Shirt Style – Have you considered the style preferences of the recipient? This is important because your recipient might gravitate towards vintage or classic clothing or on the other hand perhaps they prefer something a little bit more current.

Ladies Vintage Longer Length T

Ladies Vintage Longer Length T

Sizing – Ideally a t shirt not be too tight or too loose.  But still there are other factors to consider when it comes to sizing.  Here’s an excerpt from Fibers that seems to do a great job at explaining t-shirt fitting:

“If the T-shirt rises up and shows your back or stomach when you life your arms, then it is too short. Unless you are in the market for a crop T-shirt, you should be able to raise your arms without those around you getting a glimpse of skin.

The shoulder seams (those that attach sleeves to a T-shirt) should sit exactly at the edge of your shoulder. If they are on your shoulder, the shirt is too small. If they are on your arm, it is too big.”

Additional considerations are brand sizing and shrinkage. Sometimes you may find that some brands run a little bit small in some items or large in other items.  The only way you will really know is by reading accompanying customer reviews, asking the merchant, or testing the shirts out for yourself.

Toddler Short Sleeve T-shirt

Toddler Short Sleeve T-shirt

Fabric – Usually fabric is a good indicator of how your t-shirt will feel to the touch and how it will hold up after wearing and washing.  For example if the recipient likes wearing soft t-shirts then you may want to locate either a combed ringspun cotton t-shirt or a fine jersey t-shirt.

So what it boils down to is that selecting the right t-shirt is not a one size fits all proposition.  Fortunately, Rock Bottom T-Shirts has a wide variety of t-shirts to choose from that encompass all of the features mentioned in this blog post.

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