Easy Felt-Fabric Ornaments

Felt Fabric Christmas Ornaments

Easy to Make Fabric Ornaments

With the kids being out of school soon this easy and fun project is sure to keep their hands busy. This idea is good for any time of year as you can vary the fabric and embellishment to make personalized gift tags for weddings, baby showers or just to add a personal touch to any gift.

What you’ll need:

  1. Felt or printed fabric
  2. cookie cutters in desired shapes
  3. fabric paint pens
  4. embroidery floss
  5. scissors for both paper and fabric
  6. permanent marker fine tip or pencil
  7. cotton balls for stuffing
  8. 1 safety pin
  9. a piece of paper
  10. Assorted buttons and trimmings depending on your project
  11. Spray adhesive
  12. Craft glue or hot glue gun
  13. Several layers of newspaper

How to make

  1. Trace cookie cutter on paper to make template. Trace the inside and outside to see which you like better. Cut out the line that you like best for template.
  2. Pin template to fabric; this way you are sure not to leave ink marks on fabric.
  3. Cut two pieces of fabric per ornament
  4. Lay the one side of the fabric right side down on the newspaper. Put several cotton balls in the middle of the fabric and spray with the spray adhesive
  5. Press the other fabric piece to it, wrong side down.
  6. Decorate your ornament with fabric paint and/or buttons and trimming to make them sparkle. (if decorating both sides, be sure to let the first side dry well before decorating the other side)
  7. Finish with a piece of embroidery floss as a hanger.

Additional Fabric Ornament Tips:

1. You can also glue a cardboard shape slightly smaller than the felt shapes between the front and back layers of felt instead of stuffing.

2. The ornaments can also be cut out of craft foam and decorated with fabric paints, buttons, pom-poms and the like.

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