It’s Never Too Late to Shop!

OK so our deadline has passed for guaranteed delivery of orders by Christmas, but guess what?  You can still get great gifts for your friends and family. How? Buy them a Rock Bottom T-Shirts Gift Certificate. Our Gift Certificates are sent to you by e-mail so immediate delivery is guaranteed!

With time running out on shopping days, many people choose to buy gift cards or gift certificates. Music, clothes, books, spa treatments, and more, are all are available for purchase through gift cards and give the receiver the gift of choice. If you can’t decide on a particular store, many of the major credit card companies, also offer gift cards which can be used anywhere the regular credit cards are accepted.

Nearly half of Americans polled in a recent Consumer Reports Holiday Shopping Poll said they expected to purchase gift cards for families and friends. It’s no wonder: They’re a nice proxy for cash, and perfect if you don’t know what else to give. They’re also a useful as a tip for folks who provide service to you year-round.

So even if you’re cutting it close this year, or you need a quick last minute gift, try a gift card or gift certificate to spread a little joy and happiness.  And remember, Rock Bottom T-Shirts offers no-fee gift certificates that are redeemable anytime you or your loved ones want to use them; that’s whether its today or even a year from today so head on over and try a Rock Bottom T-Shirts Gift Certificate for yourself-today!

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