2010 Fashion Trend Review

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Fashion Looks

2010 saw a rebirth of inspired fashion.  The Rock Bottom T-Shirts blog is fortunate to have been able to embark on our fashion journey this year.  We have chronicled topics such as color trends, seasonal looks, as well as some general fashion trends.

Through it we’ve been able to uncover something that reinforces our belief that the American consumer is amazingly resilient.  Credit should also go to our nation’s fashion designers who so intuitively found subtle ways to interweave themes of hope, happiness, and inspiration onto the runway in 2010.

Below are excerpts from a few of our recent fashion posts that help summarize Rock Bottom T-Shirts’ view of 2010 fashion.

From Color Trend Series: Premiere Vision Fall and Winter 2009-2010 Color Forecast:

“If Premiere Vision is correct then this fall/winter we should soon begin seeing manufacturers and retailers do three things- 1) Pair dark clothes with highly intensified almost neon-like bright colors 2) Use colors from nature to create a look that is explosive but yet also calming 3) Creating ensembles from neutrals-inspired by the warmth of leaves and tree bark during the cooler months”

From Fall 2010 Fashion Trends:

“Where this fall’s military fashion styles differ from previous years is in the sleekness and colors.  In the past trends the military look was usually associated with loose fitting or baggy clothing.  Additionally, in previous years brown represented the military look.  Whereas today, army green and navy are the colors that carry this look.”

Fashion model silhouette dons a hat

2010 Fashion in Review

Fall and Winter Color Trend Series: Pantone Fall 2010 Colors:

“You may be asking yourselves, “why bother with runway fashion trends?”  Color is probably the #1 trend that transitions easily from runway to storefront.  You probably have already started seeing these fall fashion colors at your local clothing stores.”

An underlying theme to Pantone’s Fall 2010 palette is taking classic colors and mixing them with vibrant colors more often seen in Spring and Summer palettes.”

In summary, we had a lot of fun putting the fashion posts together this year but look forward to having even more fun with covering fashion trends in the New Year.  We’d also like to thank you for tuning in and providing feedback on our fashion posts-both here and on Facebook Fan Page.  We look forward to even more audience

Fashion Model Silhouette

The Fashion Runway

collaboration in 2011.

Also, be sure to mark your and check us out on January 24, 2011 for our Pantone 2011 Spring Color Forecast.

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