Favorite 2010 Casual Fashion Posts

Fashion magazines in Copenhagen
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With the ink barely even dry on the 2011 calendar we just couldn’t resist doing a best of 2010 post.  We took two of our favorite casual fashion pieces from elsewhere, within the fashion blogosphere, while taking one from the Rock Bottom T-Shirts blog and then attempted to summarize each one.

Three Best Casual Fashion Blog Posts from 2010

First is a post that discusses something near and dear to us which is color.  Coming from a rising star in the fashion editorial world-Ms. Mary Egbula who also goes by Eighty Jane.  “Wine is the New Black: 2011 Fashion Color Trend” reflects on the past and future of maroon in the fashion industry.  Here’s an excerpt:

“The hue, which some might also call maroon, is definitely not a perennial favorite. In fact, it seems to go through long periods of ostracizing by fashion-conscious dressers. Benjamin Moore calls it “Vintage Wine” and it’s receiving sweeping favor in interiors and design circles as well. In fashion it’s been a couple decades since this color was really hot and the time lapse has made it look fresh and modern from the runway to the rack to the sidewalk.

Wine shades are showing up on the covers of 2011′s first fashion magazine issues – in small details like makeup, typesetting, and accessories.”

Although Mary may not have meant for the post to be about casual fashion, the universal aspect of this post easily lends itself to casual fashion.  One of the things that I enjoyed about the post is its applicability in so many different situations such as casual clothing fashions, interior decor, and more.

Next is a post from the Wearable Art Blog.  This is an interview post where the Wearable Art Blog (author unnamed) sits down with Angela Johnson of Angela Johnson Designs and asks two questions about Angela’s recycled t-shirt dresses:

1)      Why was Angela inspired to use recycled material (from thrift stores) as her fabric of choice?

2)      What sets Angela apart from other designers using recycled materials as the basis for their fashion?

Angela’s answers are so expressive that we decided against including tiny excerpts for fear that it would only spoil your fun.  So if you’d like to see what she said then I’d encourage you to head on over and check it out!  Oh one more thing…as far as casual fashion goes what could ever be more casual than t-shirt dresses :)?

Third is a post from yours truly-the Rock Bottom T-Shirts blog where we answered the question “What’s the Impact of the 2011 Top Ten Spring Fashion Collections”.  Answer: “It is a window into what you will see in the next year at retail.” This blog piece goes on to explain how merchandisers interpret trends such as color, necklines and skirt lengths from high fashion runways to make buying decisions for your local retail store.

Final Thoughts

One final word on these pieces is that if you look closely enough at them you’ll find that there is a common thread.  The connection is that each post, in its own way, seems to provide what’s necessary to empower the everyday consumer to make their own triumphs in fashion.  And that’s an idea that we definitely support!

Have a favorite fashion piece that we missed?  Love the ones we highlighted?  Think our choices are wrong?  Let us know!  Comment below or head over to our Facebook page and let us know what you think!  And when you’re in the market for some casual fashion, whether it be maroon t-shirts, t-shirt dresses or just some cute v-neck shirts, head on over to Rockbottomt-shirts.com.

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