New and Exciting in 2011

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New for Rock Bottom T-Shirts in 2011

This post is a follow up to our New Year’s Resolution piece that we published just before the New Year.  Now that 2011 is well underway, it’s time to get rolling.

Let’s begin with a brief recap of our New Year’s Resolutions for the Rock Bottom blog:

  • Help You Save More Money
  • Larger Craft Post Variety
  • Heightened Fashion Emphasis
  • Collaborating more with other bloggers

So here’s a sneak preview of the exciting new items that we will add to our blog line up in the coming days:

  1. We plan on helping you to save more money by becoming regular participants in blog giveaways.  We’ll let you know about our upcoming giveaways through our blog and Facebook Fan Page.
  2. We will be increasing the depth of our clothing crafts category by adding a segment that highlights some of the things that up and coming boutique clothing-crafters’ are doing.
  3. We noticed that amongst our visitors there seemed to be a high level of interest in our fashion posts-particularly the post’s dealing with color trends. So we plan to do at least one color post for each season this year.
  4. The interactions that one blog has with other relevant bloggers often enriches the experience of each blog’s community by exposing the readers to new content.  So this year we’re planning to do this by opening the Rock Bottom T-Shirts Blog to guest bloggers who’d like to share their perspectives on crafts, fashion, and saving money with our audience.

Thank you for tuning in and again we are wishing that 2011 will exceed your every expectation!  Additionally, we wanted to remind you that the $0.99 – $1.99 – $2.99 – $3.99 Sale ends this Sunday.  Grab these deals while you can!

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