T-Shirt Trivia – 8 Things You Didnt Know About T-Shirts

Image depicting a Bundle of T-Shirts

A Bundle of T-Shirt Facts

Today we felt like having fun, so here is some t-shirt trivia for you!  How many of these did you already know?

1. When Did the Word “T-Shirt” Become Official?

Although there is speculation that the modern t-shirt evolved from undergarments worn by miners in the 1800’s, the word “T-shirt” didn’t become official until the 1920’s when Merriam Webster added the word to their dictionary.

2. How Much Does the US Consumer Love Old Tees?

According to a Blue Cotton T-Shirt Survey four out of five Americans say they’re attached to at least one old t-shirt.

3. How Many T-Shirts Would an Acre of Cotton Make?

An acre of cotton is enough to make 1200 t-shirts.

4. Do You Know When Cotton Textiles First Began?

Egyptian, Chinese, and South American civilizations began weaving cotton around 2500 BC.

5. How Big is the US Cotton Industry?

In 2009 US cotton industry reported more than 25 billion in annual cotton sales and employs more than 400,000 people.

6. When Did Screen Printing Begin?

The first screen printing machine was patented in 1969 by Andy Warhol.  However, the screen printing practice itself dates back to the Song Dynasty which reigned in China from 960 AD to 1279 AD.

7. How Old is the T-Shirt Print-Advertising Industry?

T-shirts began being used to advertise slogans in the 1950’s.

8. Do You Know How Many T-Shirts the Average American Owns?

According to a t-shirt survey done by Jerzees, 62% of the US population owns more than 10 t-shirts.  This equates to approximately 1.5 BILLION t-shirts in the US alone!

Do you have any little known t-shirt facts that you’d like to share with us?  Share it with us on our Facebook page or in the comment section below!

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