Pantone: 2011 Fall Color Preview

Pantone has released their 2011 Fall Color Trend Report.  It is worth noting that New York Fashion Week has just ended, so against that backdrop, we are publishing our summary of the Pantone 2011 Fall Report.

Pantone Color Swatches

Four Key Colors for Pantone's 2011 Fall Color Report

Based upon what I’ve seen so far, New York Fashion Week 2011 tells us to expect this fall’s fashion season to be filled with striking color contrasts in conjunction with richly textured materials.

Likewise, the 2011 Fall Pantone report indicates that this fall season we should expect to see designers using stark color contrasts along with a mixture of both classical and modern fashion styles to invoke images of Chinese opera, old Hollywood, and cityscapes.

My take after reading both the 2011 Fall Pantone Color Report as well as the Fashion Week reviews is that the theme of 2011’s fall season could best be described as a marriage between old ball room color and modern fashion.  Indeed there is a certain air of romance to be found in this year’s fall fashions.

Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute says this about the theme of the 2011 Pantone Color Report, “Designers take a painterly approach to fall 2011 by artfully combining bright colors with staple neutrals, reminiscent of how an artist would construct a stunning work of art .”   Pantone usually publishes a report for both men and women. In this year’s fall report there are several colors shared by both genders-amongst  them are Bamboo, Cedar, Coffee Liqueur, and Phlox.  You will find our summary of each color below; along with accompanying style suggestions:


Womens French Terry Jacket

Womens French Terry Jacket-Indigo

As it is yellow with touches of a green undertone this color is reminiscent of saffron yellow.  Expect to see shades of bamboo being paired with such opulent colors as black

licorice, cedar, and indigo.

Pair with…

Our Women’s French Terry Jacket in indigo and your favorite pant along with a mustard tee.


Womens Black Sweatshirt

Womens V-Neck Sweatshirt-Black

True to its name, Pantone’s cedar is a green hue that conjures up images of cedar trees.  This color also shares some similarities with moss green-except the green is less intense.  Cedar would pair well with a number of glamorous colors such as eggplant, black velvet, and bold orange.

Pair with…

Our Women’s V-Neck Sweatshirt in black and a canvas jacket in cedar.

Coffee Liqueur

Ladies 3/4 Sleeve V-Neck T-shirt

Ladies 3/4 Sleeve V-Neck T-Shirt-Teal

Coffee Liqueur is an elegant fall color that gives off small hints of metallic shimmer.  This rich color is very similar to a dark caramel and would pair well with jade, teal, and orange curry.

Pair with…

Our Ladies ¾ Sleeve V-Neck shirt in teal and a pair of corduroy pants in Coffee Liqueur.


Womens Thermal T-Shirt

Womens Thermal T-Shirt-Pink

Phlox is a hue that exhibits dark violet tones evocative of the rare and precious gemstone known as Tanzanite. You could pair this shade of violet with brown, cream, or soft pink.

Pair with…

Our Women’s Thermal T-Shirt in pink and a twill jacket in phlox.


Since the color trends that appear on the runways also make their way into casual fashion; this fall you should be able to show off your wardrobes most grandiose colors in any setting.  That’s why we, at Rock Bottom T-Shirts, are looking forward to an amazing fall fashion season and hope that you are too.  This fall let our rich colors take center stage in your wardrobe.

For an additional preview of how fashion designers will incorporate these colors into 2011 fall fashion you may download Pantone’s report.

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