5 Ways to Use the Internet to Help Save Money at Home

1.  Save Money Using Facebook and Twitter

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Save Money with the Internet

This method is as simple as following your favorite retailers and then keeping an eye out for coupon or savings announcements.  Many retailers publish Twitter-only or Facebook-only deals, so this is another way you can find money saving coupons on your favorite things to buy.

2. Follow Money Saving Blogs Online

There are lots of people making a living telling you how to save money by publishing popular blogs that include coupons, deals and tips and tricks to get the most out of every purchase.  Try googling “Money Saving Blog” or “Coupon Blog” to find your favorite.  Some of our favorites include Money Saving Mom, our local Momma Cheaps and Money Saving Madness.

3.    Revenue-Sharing Websites

You can also save money on household purchases by shopping on revenue-sharing websites. A few examples of revenue-sharing sites are Fat Wallet, My Points and Ebates.  These websites are affiliates for the retailers listed on their websites.

How they work is you visit the revenue-sharing site.  Once you find a deal you want to buy or a retailer you want to purchase from, you click on it and it takes you to the retailer’s site where you then make a purchase.  Once the purchase is made, the retailer pays the revenue-sharing site a small commission.  The revenue-sharing site then shares part of that commission with you in the form of cash back (usually between 1-5 percent) or gift cards.

4. Free Magazine Subscriptions Lead to Online Savings

Did you know that you could turn a free magazine subscription into serious savings?  It’s true. Take Parents magazine, for instance.  Right now you can get a free six month subscription of Parents sent to your home by accessing the six month free promotion via Similac Strong Moms.  Many magazines’ advertisers also include their online coupon codes on their ads.  For example, the current Parents issue has an Amazon promotional code good in it which is good for 20% off of any diapers purchased through Amazon.

5. Save Money on Amazon

There are three ways to find household item deals on Amazon.  The first is Amazon’s free membership program called Amazon Mom (you don’t actually need to be a mom either).  This program automatically qualifies you to receive 15% off select family products.  For example, if you found a box of diapers on Amazon and were already a member of the Amazon Mom membership program you’d save 15% off of that diaper pack’s regular purchase price.

Next you can save money on Amazon by enrolling in their Subscribe and Save program.  Enrolling into this program entails finding an item on Amazon that you’d like to receive on a regular basis and then choosing the quantity and frequency of the auto shipments.  You pay only when the item is shipped, and save 15% off of select purchases.

Another way to save on Amazon’s household items is by using promotional codes.  These promotional codes are usually product specific or category specific.  You can find the codes by searching for them on search engines.  For ex. If you perform a search for “Amazon diaper promotional codes” you should find a number of promotional coupon codes specific to diaper purchases. So if we were to revisit the diaper example-if you were a member of the Amazon Mom program as well as their Subscribe and Pay program and you had the 20% off select diapers promotional code you could knock 50% off of your diaper purchase at check out!

You can also save money by shopping with Rock Bottom T-Shirts where we offer everyday low prices on over 200 items.  And don’t forget to “like” our Facebook Fan page to gain access to additional savings through our exclusive online specials.


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5 responses to “5 Ways to Use the Internet to Help Save Money at Home

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  4. Larry Gittens

    I wonder if the savings from the internet make up for the cost? The one thing I’d add to the list is sending emails instead of paying for posted or paying bills online.

    • Hi Larry, thanks for stopping by. What costs are you referring to? If it’s shipping or the time that it takes to receive the goods, then the answer would probably depend on your preferences as a consumer. But overall I’d say that the savings do make up for any extra costs or inconveniences and that it’s one of the reasons that online shopping has become so mainstream.

      Thanks again for commenting. Hope to see you back soon!

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