5 Ways to Accessorize Your T-Shirts

T-Shirt Pose Image

Accssorizing Your T-Shirts Image by Beau Bazar

Over the years the t-shirt has become a modern fashion staple due to its extreme versatility.  Accessorized properly, the t-shirt is a wardrobe must have that can  tie any look together.

Here are some ideas on how you can accessorize your t-shirts to fit any occasion.

Women’s T-Shirt Fashion Accessories

Jeans.  You can accessorize your plain t-shirt with a pair of jeans.  If you want to go for the chic look you can wear a pair of dark skinny jeans with your plain white t-shirt or pair a lighter pair of jeans with a brightly colored t-shirt.  Alternatively, if you want to achieve the urban contemporary look, you can wear a pair of straight leg distressed jeans.

Necklaces.  The right necklace can really bring out a t-shirt’s style.  To give your t-shirt some extra flair, wear a long silver linked necklace with an emblem or layer multiple necklaces of varying texturesto draw more attention to your shirt.  To dress up your t-shirt, try a focal pendant with a smaller, simple chain or cord.  Either way, you really can’t go wrong by adding a necklace to your t-shirt ensemble.

Scarves.  Adding a scarf to a t-shirt is a great way to add a look of sophistication to your outfit.  To accomplish this, take a silk square scarf and tie the ends of the square together like a cowboy bandana or simply wear the scarf loosely around your neck.  For an even bigger statement you can match the scarf to your shoes.

Jacket.  A lightweight jacket or cardigan is another great way to accessorize a t-shirt.  Choose a color that complements the t-shirt rather than blending with it.

Shoes. To bring it all together, finish the look with a nice pair of shoes that matches one of your other accessories.  You can dress up your look with heels, go contemporary with boots or keep it simple with a cute pair of ballet flats.

Womens Short Sleeve V-Neck T-Shirt

Womens Short Sleeve V-Neck T-Shirt

Womens Short Sleeve T Shirt

Womens Short Sleeve T Shirt

If you’d like to try out some of these tips at home we couldn’t think of a better way to do it than starting out with our Womens T-Shirt or our V-Neck T-Shirt.  Try them out for yourself and you’ll see that these two pieces offer a terrific fashion canvas upon which you can accessorize and create new looks.

How do you accessorize your tees?  Drop us a line in the comment form below or share photos of your favorite t-shirt accessories on our Facebook Fan Page.


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3 responses to “5 Ways to Accessorize Your T-Shirts

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  3. The great thing about t-shirts is they are so versatile as a fashion item; you can dress them up or go completely casual. It all depends on what type of t-shirt design you have and the color and fabrics can also enhance your wardrobe style. I do prefer the more casual look, however, there’s nothing wrong with dressing up a smart looking t-shirt with nice pressed jeans and dress shoes.

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