5 Offbeat Ways to Save Money

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Saving Money in an Offbeat Way

By now we’ve covered a number of conventional ways to save money.  However, if you’re like me you’ve probably already tried those and are now ready to try a few less common money saving tips.  So today we’re going to look at 5 offbeat ways to save money.

  1. Purchase Infant Clothing Out of Season
  2. Similar to adult clothing, you can reap substantial savings by purchasing your baby’s clothes out of season.  For example, instead of purchasing summer clothes in the summer try purchasing them in the winter and vice versa.  Sometimes this tip alone can net you as much as 60% in savings.  If you’re going to take this route just remember to purchase one to two sizes larger than what your baby wears now.

  3. Recycle your old T-shirts
  4. Instead of throwing your old shirts away why not recycle them? It’s a terrific way to save money and the repurposed items make wonderful conversation pieces.  Amongst the many items that you can recycle t-shirts into are quilts, rugs, book bags, shopping bags, and pillow cases, just to name a few.

  5. Keep Clothes Longer by Washing Inside Out
  6. Washing and drying is harsh on your clothes.  This is because as your clothes move through the washing and drying cycles they move against each other causing friction.  Over time this fades the colors on the garment and causes the garment to pill (pill is those small fuzzy balls that appear on your shirt) which results in a worn look.  To prevent much of the aging and fading that takes place on your clothes, simply turn your clothes inside out before placing them in the washer.  Doing this will allow your clothes to last longer.

  7. Stop Paying Full Price on New Items
  8. Don’t hit the submit button on your online purchases until you’ve had a chance to Google applicable coupon codes for that retail website.   Shopping at bulk wholesalers like Costco, Sam’s Club or BJ’s can help save money, too.  Pair up with a friend to split large purchases with, and you can share in the savings, too.

  9. Swap It Out
  10. There are two ways that you can swap clothing and other items.  Try hosting your own swap party or join an online swap site such as Swap Style or Rehash.  Regardless of whether you swap online or offline, the premise is still the same.  You’re trading items that are still of value but that you no longer use with someone who will use them.  Likewise you are receiving items of value that the other party no longer uses.

Have a money saving tip you would like to share?   Let us know by commenting below or sharing it on our Facebook page.


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  2. Thanks for linking our post, great tips :).

  3. Hi Forest, no problem. Glad you liked it and thanks for stopping by!

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