How to Save Money-Fast!

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Save Money Fast!

Rock Bottom T-Shirts believes strongly that you can enjoy the finer things in life without going broke in the process.  This is why saving money has always been such a major part of the Rock Bottom T-Shirts blog.

One common criticism that people in the midst of paring their budget have is that “saving money takes time”.  We wanted to address this topic today and show you a few ways to save money in a hurry.  Here are a few tips to help you save money fast.

1. Reduce Impulsive Shopping

While it’s been difficult to find concrete statistical averages indicating how much impulse shopping costs US consumers annually, it’s easy to see how impulsive buying could add up really quickly.   For example, did you know that if you go to the grocery store on an empty stomach you’re more likely to end up spending $10 or more per trip on snacks that weren’t on your grocery list? Alternatively, if you go to the grocery store on a full stomach you’re less likely to purchase drinks and snacks at the cash register.

Another item that contributes to impulse buys is that grocery stores are designed to slow you down.  Grocers are aware that the longer that you shop the more likely the chances of you adding non-essential items to your shopping cart.  As a result, they’re frequently looking for ways to keep you in the aisles longer.

A great way to avoid spending too much time in grocery stores is to shop when you know that your time is limited.  If you visit the grocery store between events or when you’re unable to spend extra time in the store you’ll reduce the opportunity to buy items that you don’t need.   In order for this to work, however, you’ll need to make sure that you always have a shopping list handy when you go shopping.

2. Ignore Peer Pressure

This may come as a shock but one of the biggest foes, in our fight to save money, is peer pressure.  Sometimes, we’re afraid of what our friends and loved ones might think if they see us heading to the clearance section or purchasing from a thrift store.  The result is that we intentionally avoid the store brands; opting instead for the more expensive national brands.  However, chances are that your friends are probably already attempting to save money, just like you, which means that watching you save money could actually be a source of reassurance to them.

3. Brown Bag It

Eating fast food during your daily lunch breaks is a major drain on your budget.  If you do the math, you’ll find that a daily fast food habit can easily cost you upwards of $140 per month or $ 1500 or more per year.  Something as simple as carrying your leftovers to work every day could easily cut this number by 60% or more.   That’s like walking down the street and finding $84 dollars lying on the ground each month!

4. Trim Your Utility Bills

The first thing that you need to do if you want to cut back on your utility bills is to assess the importance of each utility that you use.  For example, if you have a premium HD cable package do you really need all of those channels? Can you make it without your HD or DVR? Or if you have a cell phone, do you really need the data plan that you pay $30 per month on?

Removing the non-essentials from your utilities can save you as much as 25% on your monthly utilities cost and often you can experience near-immediate savings on these types of cost cutting measures.

5. Save Money on Gasoline

According to AAA the National Average for one gallon of unleaded gas is currently $3.40.  With the average American commuting an average of 160 miles per week to and from work that, at today’s gas prices, this equates to approximately $27.20 per week in gas- per month that’s $108.80.

You could cut these figures by more than half each week by carpooling to work.  For example, if you carpooled three days a week and your commute was at least 160 miles per week, then at today’s prices you’d cut your weekly mileage by 96 miles and you’d cut your weekly gasoline costs by $16.32 per week.  That’s a monthly savings of $65.28 just for changing your driving habits.

To stretch your gasoline savings even further you could compare gas prices on fuel watch websites, such as Map Quest Gasoline, to locate the nearest the lowest prices in your areas.  Sometimes you can find prices $0.20 or more below the national average!

Of course, that’s not to say that changing your habits will be easy.  But with a strong desire to rein in your costs it is possible to re-learn your daily routine.  The good news is that doing so could save you tons of money within no time.


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