Lenzing Textile and Color Trends Spring-Summer 2011 Review

Color Palette

Spring and Summer Colors

Each year Austrian based fiber manufacturer, The Lenzing Group, publishes two upcoming color trend reports-one covers the fall/winter season and the other report covers spring/summer.  Today we’re going to look at their 2011 Spring/Summer Color Trend report.

Lenzing opens their report with an introduction that describes their 2011 Spring/Summer Color palette as uplifting:

“Soften / Energize / Excite are keywords for Spring Summer 2011.  Colors are translated by treatment and finishing, integrated into the material as a part of the fabric. Colors are described by words like airy, waxy, silky…..”

This is, by far, the most ambitious and optimistic color trend report that we’ve reviewed to date. Essentially, what Lenzing infers is that fresh, new, and inspirational energy abound in the spring.  This is evidenced by observing the tapestry Mother Nature paints around us.  During the spring sights such as fresh new shoots, bulbs, bright green leaves, and more are harmonized with equally vivid complementary hues.

In contrast, summer is a season in which the sun’s heat mutes the bright colors of spring.  As a result the summer hues appear to have cool gray overtones.

Lenzing organizes their 2011 Spring/Summer palette into five themes.


Lenzing Celebrations Color Palette

Lenzing Celebrations Color Palette

The light weight and bright hues in this palette are reminiscent of water colors.  These colors are what we’d typically expect in a spring palette.


Lenzing Abstraction Color Palette

Lenzing Abstraction Color Palette

This palette seems to combine elements of both spring and summer.  Hence, the colors that we see here are neither overly hazy nor overly bright.  Instead they lay somewhere in between-similar to a mist of boiling water.

New Classic

Lenzing New Classic Color Palette

Lenzing New Classic Color Palette

Lenzing’s New Classic palette is decidedly spring-like.  The reds and greens in this palette conjure up images of pueblo architecture in New Mexico.


Lenzing Aqueous Color Palette

Lenzing Aqueous Color Palette

This is another palette that molds spring into summer.  These colors shimmer with a silky glisten and despite the palette’s name these shades appear to be more summer than spring.


Lenzing Pearlage Color Palette

Lenzing Pearlage Color Palette

Womens V Neck Sleevless Tee

Womens V Neck Sleevless Tee

The Pearlage palette has cool undertones.  These are colors that you might expect to see in the mid-day summer sky just before a thunder storm develops.



Try combining our Women’s V-Neck Sleeveless Tee in coral with a turquoise necklace and pair of ocean blue trouser jeans.


Try combining our Women’s V-Neck T-Shirt in aqua with a pair of off white capris.


The exuberance exhibited by Lenzing‘s 2011 Spring/Summer Report stands out, like a ray of sunshine, amongst other reports.  It hints at exciting spring and summer

Women’s V-Neck T-Shirt

Women’s V-Neck T-Shirt

fashion seasons, and this is something that designers, retailers, and consumers might all be able to appreciate.  Whatever color palette you plan to emulate this

Spring/Summer, head over to Rock Bottom T-Shirts where we offer up to 42

colors to complement 100’s of fashionable looks.

Do you have any comments that you’d like to share with us about Lenzing’s 2011 Spring/Summer Report?  Let us know by commenting below or letting us know on our Facebook Fan Page.


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  1. Many thanks for making the effort to explain the terminlogy for the newbies!

  2. No problem, Hanny. Glad you enjoyed it.

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