T-Shirt Quilts: Retire Your Old Tees in Style

T-Shirt Quilt

T-Shirt Quilt - Image by Anne Norman

Have you ever wondered what to do with all of your old t-shirts that are hanging out in the closet? You know…the tees that you still love but aren’t exactly comfortable wearing out of the house anymore. Mom would tell you to make them into dust rags but somehow that just doesn’t do justice to your favorite vintage t-shirts. Well, here’s a suggestion for you – take your old t-shirts and turn them into a quilt.

The idea behind this craft is that it’s a nice way to hold on to your old tees and memories by sewing them together into a t-shirt quilt.

Check out this amazing tutorial from Craft Stylish contributor Lily Campbell.  In this t-shirt quilt tutorial Lily takes us step by step through the process as she shows us how to make a t-shirt quilt (Note: these instructions show you how to make a non-bound 4 x 6 square twin-size bed quilt).

Here are a few highlights from Lily’s article to help you get started:

“…Decide if you want all of your t-shirt panels to be the same size or if you want to only cut the design from the t-shirt and make the squares the same size using varying pieces of fabric. I just cut out the design on my shirts so I used the cutting mat and ruler to choose a length and width that was a certain number of inches.

I cut the t-shirt to this size using the rotary cutter, mat, and edge of the ruler. You will also need to decide on a maximum size for your bigger designs.

Find a big surface to lay out all of your squares and decide on an order that works well. Starting with the first column on the left, you are going to sew all of the squares in that column into a large strip by placing the second square down, face-down and upside-down onto the first square…”

T-Shirt Quilt Preparations

Preparing for Your T-Shirt Quilt - Image by Shazam 791

Again, this was just a brief snippet from Lily’s article.  If you’d like to see the entire tutorial, please visit the article.  Also, just in case you’d like further instructions on t-shirt quilting we’ve compiled a list of resources for you below.

Additional T-Shirt Quilting Resources


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4 responses to “T-Shirt Quilts: Retire Your Old Tees in Style

  1. Very cool!! It would be cute to do one with applique shirts that your child has outgrown too! 🙂

    • Hi Lydia!

      We’re glad that you stopped by. That’s a wonderful idea. Its a great alternative to just letting them sit somewhere. Sort of like a living baby journal. Awesome, thanks so much for commenting!

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