Stencil Design T-Shirt Craft

Stencil T-Shirt Craft

Stencil T-Shirt Craft

This post is for anyone who’s inspired by t-shirt design.   The inspiration for this t-shirt design project came from Ucreate.

In our project we took one of our baby t-shirts and added an image of a skate boarder to the front of it using a stencil.  As it turned out the project was relatively simple and only took 30 minutes – 25 minutes of which was spent cutting the stencil. Before going into the instructions there are two things that you should know about our example.

  1. We used a snap knife but would encourage using an Exacto Knife.  Holding the snap knife for an extended period of time can make your hand very tired.
  2. Although we used brush on fabric paint in this example you can also use spray on fabric paint or a paint roller based upon your preference.

Here are the items that we used in this t-shirt project:

  1. Baby Long Sleeve T-shirt
  2. Tube of Tulip Fabric Paint
  3. File Folder
  4. Snap Knife /Exacto Knife – preferred
  5. Foam Paint Brush
  6. Fabric Mount (Adhesive) Spray
  7. Stencil (We found an ample supply on
  8. Stapler
  9. Cutting Mat
  10. Wax Paper – Optional

Step 1 – Attach Stencil and File Folder TogetherStencil T-Shirt Craft - Attaching the Stencil & File Folder

The first thing that we did was staple the stencil onto the file folder with a stapler.  We did this because we wanted the stencil to be thicker than paper yet not thick enough to obstruct the painting.

Step 2 – Cut Out the Stencil Design

Before you can cut the stencil it’s recommended that you place the file folder onto a cutting mat so that you don’t damage your surface.  Using the knife carefully trace the edges of the stencil until the inner portion of the stencil could be separated from the rest of the file folder.

Step 3 – Protect the Back of TeeStencil T-Shirt Craft - File Folder Beneath Shirt Front

If you skip this step you risk having the paint bleed from the front of the t-shirt onto the back of the tee.  Put a file folder inside the t-shirt.  Additionally, you may put scrap paper underneath the shirt just to keep paint from going where you don’t want it to go.

Step 4 – Attach the Stencil

Next you’ll need to spray the adhesive onto the front of the shirt.  Afterwards, attach your stencil by putting it on top of the area that you just covered with adhesive. Stencil T-Shirt Craft - Applying Craft Bond

Step 5 – Begin Painting

Use the foam brush to begin painting the exposed portion of the t-shirt.  If you happen to get some paint on the outside of the folder don’t worry, it won’t seep through the folder.  Try to brush in even strokes so that you have an even coat of paint on the shirt.

Step 6 – Finishing Touch

Remove the stencil from the shirt.  Be careful not to remove it too quickly or the stencil may tear into pieces.  If there are any areas of paint that are not even you can use Stencil T-Shirt Craft - Darken Light Spots the brush to apply more paint as needed in this step.   Now you’re ready to let the t-shirt dry.

You can let the air dry it naturally or for quicker drying you may place a piece of wax paper over the shirt and iron the surface until the paint is dry.

That’s it…You’re done!

If you tried this craft at home please let us know in the comment form below or you may post a picture of your creation on our Facebook page.


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