Doggie Craft: How to Make a Doggie Tutu

Doggie Tutu

Doggie Tutu

Now that spring has arrived we’d like to do something that’s sure to put a big smile on your face and your cute little four legged friend’s face too.  So today we’re showing you a doggie tutu project that we’ve recently completed.  This should be a really fun way to add that extra bounce to your princess’s step this spring.


The great thing about this project is that it’s easy to make.  The idea is to take something that can be found in your local dollar store or department store (a princess skirt) and using it to add some flair to your doggie’s outfit.

Here’s what you’ll need for this project:

Doggie Tank and Princess skirt

Doggie Tank and Princess Skirt

  1. Gather the individual fabric strands of the princess skirt and push them together so that the elastic band of the skirt forms a straight line and all of the strands are side by side- on the same side of the band.

    Princess Skirt

    Step 2 & 3 - Two Lines of Stitching

  2. Stitch a single line about 1.5″ below the knots that secure the strands to the elastic. (I left the strands tied to the elastic for this step so that the bands wouldn’t fall away from one another)
  3. Gather the strips together again. You’ll need to stitch a second line about 2.5″ below your first stitched line.
  4. Cut and remove the elastic band that the fabric strands are tied to and then trim off the remaining knots at the top. Next, cut the strands in-between the two stitched lines. Cutting the fabric strands in this manner creates a layering at the top of the fabric that resembles ruffles.  Now you’ll need to cut the fabric strands below the bottom stitch line.  This will separate the princess dress into two pieces-a top piece that has ruffles and the bottom will separate into a set of tail-like strips – set the tails to the side so that you can come back to them later.

    Doggie Clothing Crafts

    Step 4 - Cutting the Fabric

  5. Pin the top ruffled piece to the back center of the tank top just below the arm hole and stitch it on.
  6. Now you’re going to take the tails that you’d set aside earlier and form the bottom portion of the tutu ((leaving four to five un-used). You do this by pinning them together and stitching them across the top.  Fold the raw ends under and stitch them to the tank covering up the stitch line from the first ruffle.
  7. Doggie Clothing Crafts - A Tutu

    Step 6 - Arranging the Tails

    Take five to six of the stars from the unused tails and cover up the stitching by fastening them to the top of the skirt with hot glue.


Now you and your little princess are all set!

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