4 Ways to Keep Your T-Shirts from Fading

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Keep That T-Shirt Looking New

T-shirts are a wonderful form of self-expression.  In fact it would be difficult to find a better way to make a fashion statement than wearing your favorite t-shirt.  However, there’s one drawback to wearing t-shirts – they tend to fade very quickly.

Fortunately, there are ways to prevent this and we’re going to show you some today.

  1. Wear an Undershirt beneath Your Tee
  2. Wearing an undershirt beneath your t-shirt can help prevent sweat from fading the tee.  The undershirt creates a buffer between your body and the t-shirt.  This in turn absorbs your body’s moisture before it’s able to dampen the t-shirt.  This is especially helpful if you sweat a lot.

  3. Add Vinegar to Your Washing Machine
  4. It’s no secret that frequently washing your t-shirts can lead to fading.  This happens because the high mineral content in tap water causes a thin build up that mutes most dyes.  The acidity present in vinegar allows it to dissolve the minerals and slow the fading process.  Adding one cup of vinegar to your washing machine along with your regular portion of detergent should be sufficient to reduce fading.  Doing this on a regular basis should significantly preserve the dyes in your t-shirt and the good news is that the vinegar smell goes away after the wash.

  5. Keep Out of Direct Sunlight
  6. The UV rays present in direct sunlight can also fade your t-shirts.  While it’s virtually impossible to have zero direct sunlight exposure there are several ways to minimize the exposure.  The first is to avoid hanging your t-shirts outside to dry.  If you must dry them outside then find a shaded place to hang your t-shirts.  If your closet is in the direct path of sunlight you should adjust your shades during the daytime to limit the amount of sunlight that hits your t-shirts.

  7. Turn Your T-Shirts Inside Out
  8. The process of washing and drying is so harsh on your t-shirts that even after implementing the steps mentioned above you’ll still see some fading.  When you wash and dry your t-shirts they bump into each other at high speeds-resulting in friction.  Over time this causes the fibers on your t-shirt to arrange themselves into little fuzzy balls called pills.  When you get enough pills on your t-shirt the shirt will become worn and dull.  Turning your tees inside out prior to placing them in the washer and dryer can help you prevent this from happening.

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2 responses to “4 Ways to Keep Your T-Shirts from Fading

  1. Cheers, enjoyed this post. Informative, useful info for any t-shirt afficionado!

    • Hi SD,

      We’re glad that you enjoyed it. It was certainly a very fun post to put together. It was helped no doubt by the fact that t-shirts have so much richness and history behind them. Otherwise, thanks so much for the comment!

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