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Rock Bottom T-Shirts understands the importance of saving money.  In keeping with this theme we wanted to re-visit the topic by highlighting three posts from a few really outstanding frugal bloggers.

The three blog posts that we’re rounding up are from Frugal Mom, Frugal Dad, and Frugal Village.  Interestingly, these three blog posts cover such a wide variety of savings tips that if you were to take the three posts and apply each of them to your money saving tool kit you’d be covered on almost every base that there is to consider.

Frugal Dad

First is the Frugal Dad post; it was written by contributing blogger Laurel Gray and walks you through how families can save money on vacations.  There are several things that make Laurel’s post unique.  However, the suggestion that stood out to me is the one where she mentioned that if vacationers vacationed near their family and friends that they could avoid or substantially reduce food and lodging costs.

Here’s a brief excerpt from Frugal Dad’s post:

“Instead of shelling out money for steep entrance fees, expensive hotels, and bad food in Orlando, we now opt for an amusement park (Kings Dominion) that is closer to friends and family in our home state of Virginia.”

This was the first time I’d ever come across this suggestion.  Furthermore, original tips such as this one serve to remind you that you’re dealing with a real subject matter expert.

Frugal Village

Next we have a post from the Frugal Village blog and what’s interesting about this one is the theme- replacing name brand products and services with free or lower cost alternatives.

Sara Noel wrote this post and did a terrific job showing us how so many small and major purchases have lower cost substitutes.  My favorite example was her brief DIY “how to” tutorial on making your own air freshener using everyday kitchen products and essential oils.

Here’s a brief excerpt from Sara’s money saving lesson:

“Take a walk in the home-scent aisle in any store and you’ll see many options to mask the smells in your home. You can use a few drops of vanilla or essential oil on a cotton ball, or pour vinegar into a spray bottle, add 20 drops of essential oil (optional) and spritz the air.”

The key takeaway, for me, is that there probably isn’t a single product on the market that these tips don’t apply to and as someone who enjoys saving money this is highly encouraging.

Frugal Mom

The last blog post that we’re covering in this round up comes from the Frugal Mom blog.  Candace’s post teaches us how to save 6 months of expenses.  The reason that this post made our list is that it’s often that we hear financial experts encouraging their audience to do but how often do you hear them telling us how to do it.  Needless to say finding a post that actually dealt with the “how” instead of only focusing on the “what” was quite refreshing.

My favorite piece of advice is where Candace encourages her readers to get organized and avoid late fees by picking one day every week to do their bills.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Pick one day a week for paying bills.  My day is Friday.  Every Friday I go through the files on my desk and pay any bills that are due.  This system protects me from paying any late payment fees.”

The only thing on Candace’s list that could be a stretch for me is getting rid of cable and opting instead to visit a friend to watch my favorite shows.

This concludes our round up.  We hope you’ve enjoyed visiting these blogs and equally important-we hope that these ideas result in more money in your coffers.  Do you blog about saving money or know of a really good frugal blog that we should visit?  Let us know by commenting below or sending us a note on our Facebook page.

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