This Patriots Day Let Your Fashion be Patriotic

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Display Your Patriotism through Fashion

It’s difficult to find a more fun way of showing your patriotism than doing so through fashion. Since Patriot’s Day is right around the corner; (April 18, 2011) we thought it would nice to give you a few ideas on how to make a patriotic fashion statement.

Not to be confused with Patriot Day, which is an observance of the September 11, 2001 anniversary, Patriot’s Day is actually a state holiday (in Massachusetts, Maine, and Wisconsin) commemorating the anniversary of the first battles of the American Revolutionary War-the Battles of Lexington and Concord.

Although this day isn’t recognized as a national holiday, these historic battles played a critical role in the development of our nation and as such this holiday may be just as relevant on a national level as it is at the state level.  While this holiday was originally celebrated on April 19th (the actual date of the battles), it is now celebrated on the third Monday in April, providing for a three day weekend in those states that celebrate the holiday.

So if you don’t reside in a state that celebrates Patriot’s Day it’s ok.  You can still remember the continental soldiers who fought for our nation’s independence in 1775.  Likewise, you can also use fashion to support our present day armed forces on this holiday and other upcoming holidays including Military Spouse Day, Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day and Independence Day.

When you visualize patriotic attire what comes to mind?  Whether its camouflage, the American flag, or the colors red, white, and blue there are numerous ways that you can use style and fashion to show your patriotism:

Purchase Patriotic Clothing Online– Purchasing ready-made patriotic clothing online is probably one of the simplest ways to outwardly display your patriotism.  These types of purchases could include t-shirts, shorts, jackets, shoes and bearing camouflage or flag designs.

On this note; Rock Bottom T-Shirts offers a wide variety of patriotic wear that comes in camouflage  as well as a stars and stripes t-shirt.   Aside from the convenience factor another

Youth Stars and Stripes T-Shirt

Rock Bottom T-Shirts Youth Stars and Stripes T-Shirt

nice thing about purchasing these items is that we donate 2% of our Camouflage and Stars and Stripes sales to the Fisher House™ and Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund, Inc.

Design Your Own Patriotic Clothing – By designing or embellishing your own customized attire, you’re increasing the likelihood that you’ll have a one of a kind look this Patriot’s Day.   However if the idea of decorating your own clothing seems intimidating, don’t worry.  With a little bit of creativity, it’s not as difficult as you might think to create something really eye catching.

Here are a few posts that can guide you along the way should you choose to go the DIY route:

Patriotic Colors – Complement your attire with red, white and blue accessories.  For example, you could combine red, white, and blue bangles and wear them together on the same wrist.  Alternatively, you could do something similar with your clothes.  For example, you could wear white pants with a red and blue shirt.

Patriotic Accessories – You can do simple things like purchasing a few inexpensive American flag key chains and attaching them to your belt loops or using them to make a charm bracelet.  You could also express your support by adding an American flag inspired pin, a flag, or hat to your outfit.

Those are only just a handful of ways that you can show your patriotic support through fashion.  Have a great idea on how to show your patriotism through fashion?  Please share them with us by commenting below or by posting your thoughts on our fan page.

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