Money Saving Tips for Easter

Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs

Easter is right around the corner so hopefully you’ve already completed your shopping.  However, if you haven’t already done so, then don’t worry-because this post might help you save some money when you do go shopping.

According to the National Retail Federation the average American household will spend approximately $131 on Easter related purchases this year and while those figures may not sound like much they can certainly add up if you’re not careful. If you could save 25% of this figure or more that would amount to approximately $30 that you’d get to add to your rainy day fund…Here’s how to do it.

Easter Clothes

A brand new outfit is usually one of the first things on the list with regards to Easter preparations. However, those cute dresses and suits generally only last one season and they aren’t cheap.

An alternative to making department store purchases would be shopping at your local thrift, consignment store or yard sale. Since typically the outfits haven’t been worn often, you’re almost certain to discover a near-perfect fit for your little one.

Dining in for Easter

If you start off by planning ahead, then Easter dinners don’t have to be expensive.  Likewise, if you already know what you need for your favorite recipes, you can “cherry-pick” the best deals from your local grocery circulars and save money that way.

Cooking Dinner in the Kitchen

Dining in for Easter

Additionally, giving yourself time to plan ahead will permit you to take an inventory of your pantry. For example, you could search your kitchen to see what kind of sweet and savory ingredients you already have on hand. If you noticed that you have brown sugar and yellow mustard you could actually make a glaze out of these two items-thereby saving yourself from having to add glaze to your grocery list.

Also, consider incorporating the leftovers into your future meals for the week.  For example, any remaining ham can be made into soup, casseroles, quiches, or other delicious meals.  And if you need pointers you could always visit one of the many recipe websites for ideas.

Easter Treats

Easter baskets and their accompanying price tags are becoming more elaborate by the year. Fortunately, you can eliminate or minimize your Easter basket costs by doing one of two things.

The first is recycling your baskets by reusing them each year.  The other option is that you could repurpose items such as sand pails, straw hats, Tupperware, or even shoeboxes into Easter baskets. Besides saving money your kids would have a blast decorating their custom baskets.

Additionally, when it comes to Easter treats you can involve your children in the kitchen and make your own goodies from scratch. If you’d like you can even fashion your home made confections so that they resemble Easter eggs and Easter bunnies.


Finally, the most effective strategy to reduce your Easter outlays this year would be to simplify, simplify, simplify. Make the day more about friends and family and less about what’s within the basket and you’ll find that your memories of this special day will most be your most cherished Easter gifts.

Do you have Easter savings tips that you’d like to share?  Let us know below or you may drop us a line on our Fan Page.

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