CIFF 2011 Spring Summer Color Trends

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Today’s review of the CIFF 2011 Spring-Summer Color Trends Report is actually our third and final color trend review on the 2011 spring-summer fashion season.  The thing that makes this palette different than the other 2011 spring summer reports that we’ve already reviewed is that although in the previous 2011 spring summer reports the designers (Lenzing and Le Cuir A Paris) are only predicting the colors for two seasons both reports used four season color palettes.  However, this report takes a departure from that trend by primarily using traditional spring and summer colors.

On the other hand, although this represents somewhat of a radical shift from the presentation featured in the other two 2011 spring and summer reports that we’ve reviewed the colors themselves are still quite similar.  So perhaps this difference is merely surface level -we’ll let you be the judge…

Tiny Pleasures

The first palette is called “Tiny Pleasures”.  These colors can be characterized as somewhat light and dainty hues.  They would make for a relaxed but refreshing summer look.

This spring palette is carried by its muted blues and varying shades of red.

CIFF Tiny Pleasures Palette

CIFF Tiny Pleasures Palette

CIFF says this about the palette:

“At the crossroads of Asian refinement and Nordic humanist spirit, a fresh, respectful kind of design to the embellishment of daily lives…”

These are very similar to the types of colors that the character, Tubbs, often wore on Miami Vice.

Exotic Junk

Next is CIFF’s Exotic Junk palette.  This is a more mature and robust spring palette that could almost pass as a summer palette-we observed similar borderline palettes in our two prior spring summer 2011 color trend reviews.

Interestingly, these spring colors are rarely seen in fashion or even in their natural outdoor settings.  They would therefore seem to represent the road less often traveled.

CIFF Exotic Junk Palette

CIFF Exotic Junk Palette

Here’s what CIFF says about this palette:

“Who has never dreamt of a land of one’s own, a paradise between earth and sea, voluntarily shipwrecked, to create one’s own civilization, far from the restraints of urban world?”

These colors are reminiscent of tourists visiting faraway lands wearing exotic ensembles in complementary shades of these colors.

Elitist Elegance

Elitist Elegance is probably the most aptly named of CIFF’s 2011 Spring-Summer palettes.  This palette consists of cool summer tones.  The color that comes the closest to epitomizing the entire palette is the violet hue that appears in the center of the palette.  The intensity of this shade closely resembles that of an amethyst stone.

CIFF Elitist Elegance Palette

CIFF Elitist Elegance Palette

Here’s a brief excerpt from CIFF’s explanation of the palette:

“Abandoning oneself to the elitist elegance of times gone by, another civilization, by rediscovering ancient know-how…”

These opulent yet simple colors conjure up images of the 1920’s runaway best-selling novel The Great Gatsby.

Color Therapy

CIFF’s last 2011 spring-summer palette is a summer palette featuring bold and lively bright colors that are slightly muted.  These colors could be described as having a care free nouveau riche ambience.

CIFF Color Therapy Palette

CIFF Color Therapy Palette

CIFF says:

“…with this wave of good humor also appears the idea of getting back to pretty basics…”

These hues are reminiscent of the fun fashions found in the 60’s and 70’.


In conclusion this is the eighth color trend report that we’ve published on the Rock Bottom T-Shirts blog.  An overriding trend that we’ve observed throughout the color trend reports is that there are often subtle messages beneath the reports that mirror feelings that fashion designers pick up and reflect back towards their consumers.

One overarching theme in all of the reports seems to be escape from the everyday into the exotic.  In CIFF’s report, you can see this in several palettes but especially in the Exotic Junk pallet.  Another trend seen  in CIFF’s 2011 Spring Summer Report, is an indication that we should expect to see fashion embracing the return of the individual.  This is a refreshing theme as it reminds us that fashion is an art that everyone can take part in.

If you’d like to learn more about these colors you may download the CIFF 2011 Spring Summer Color Trends report.

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