Summer Fashion – Coming to a Wardrobe Near You

Summertime Fashions-sandals

Summertime Fashions

In our last post we took a deep dive into color theory.  Today we’ll have an opportunity to apply some basic color concepts to your summer fashion ensemble.  Putting color and fashion concepts into practice is where the real fun comes in.

For starters, staying current on the latest and greatest fashion trends means that you get to create so many different looks by trying on countless outfits and sets of clothing. For these reasons many consider fashion to be a form of art and this goes for every season.  This is mainly because fashion allows you to express your individuality through your style and dress.

Summertime tends to be an enjoyable time filled with happiness and sunshine, so your clothes should reflect this.  The best way to do this is to choose

Junior Longer Length T-Shirt

Junior Longer Length T-Shirt

radiant colors that are both bright and fun.  Also, since the sun is at its peak during this time of the year, you’d do well to stock up on t-shirts or tank tops as well as pairs of shorts or flowing skirts that you could combine into an outfit.  Aside from the radiant colors white is another color that goes really well with summer outfits.

Summer Color & Fashion in Practice

Another thing that you could do is coordinate a bright and vivid orange t-shirt along with a white flowing skirt and complete the look with a pair of bohemian-style sandals along with a nice ensemble of beaded jewelry to match.  In essence, summer fashion should be about having a good time with the way you look and injecting a splash of color into your outfits.

Womens Rib Tank

Womens Rib Tank-Orange

Other Considerations

Another thing to consider when preparing your summer wardrobe is that there’s such a wide variety of summer-friendly clothing and accessories to choose from.  The list would include skirts, tops, pants, purses, belts, shoes, jewelry, etc.  This wide cross section of styles, textures, and hues should come in handy when you’re putting your outfits together.

For these reasons you don’t need to go out and buy hundreds of different pieces to create the summer look you’d like to achieve.  Instead you could easily create a near endless array of outfits just by buying a few staples and accessories. If you combine these with what you already have on hand (in your colors) you should be able to squeeze maximum value out of each piece.  This should allow you to explore the numerous facets of summer fashion without financially draining yourself in the process.

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