Must Have Spring and Summer Wear

Spring-Summer Fashion

Spring-Summer Fashion

We’re already mid-way into spring which means that summer is right around the corner. While our last two posts have been about how seasonal fashion trends play into your wardrobe, this post focuses on must have-garments themselves.

Here are five spring and summer clothing recommendations:

Jr Vintage Longer Length T-Shirt

Jr Vintage Longer Length T

  1. Fun and exciting tees. Nothing says spring and summer like fun, brilliantly colored t-shirts.  Make your summer fun with red and pink t-shirts that you add your own catchy slogans, flower prints and embellishments to using the crafts tips that we’ve shared with you in earlier posts.  Go ahead and get these beautiful tees while they’re available, because if you’re like most, just  seeing them in your closet is enough to brighten your day.
  2. Tank Tops. As we get closer to summer you definitely want to have at least a few tank tops in your closet.  They’re quite versatile. Wear them layered, under jackets, with shorts, capris, etc.
  3. Cover-Ups.   Summer means swimming pools and days at the beach. A great swimsuit cover-up is the perfect thing to throw on when heading out for a day in the sun. Having more than one is a good idea too, so you can coordinate with your favorite swim suits.
  4. Flowing Skirts. Skirts work nicely for both spring and summer. You can find numerous styles and various colors that these vibrant spring skirts come in. The versatility of these skirts mean that you can pair them with just about anything  and their light-weight fabric is a great way to beat the summer heat.
  5. Capris and Shorts. Both capris and shorter pants became really popular a couple of years ago and it looks like they’re here to stay! They come in wide selection of
    Women's V-Neck Cover-Up

    Women's V-Neck Cover-Up

    colors, lengths and fabrics.  When you buy them you’ll want to grab at least two or three pairs because they’ll become mainstays of your spring and summer wardrobe.

    If you like shorts, you might want to stock up on them as well. Their high levels of comfort in the warm weather make them a perfect choice during the summer months.

These are the items that will help you stay cool and fashionable from now until the end of summer.  Don’t forget that Rock Bottom T-Shirts has you covered on discounted tees, tanks and cover-ups in various colors and styles.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this, as well as our last two fashion posts.  If there are any “must have” spring or summer pieces that you would like to recommend, you may do so in the comments below.  And hey, if you enjoyed this post please “like” it on our Fan Page.

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