The 3 Secrets of Using Golf Shirts to Market Your Brand

How to Market Your Company Using Nothing More than Golf Shirts

Market Your Business with Golf Shirts

Start Marketing Your Business with Golf Shirts

Golf shirts represent a creative way for small businesses to market themselves. The wide variety of designs, styles, and colors that golf shirts come in can make this marketing tactic quite popular for small business establishments.  Here are a few ways that small businesses can use golf shirts to market themselves.


One way to get the most mileage out of your corporate golf shirts would be for you to looking into sponsoring a juniors or little league sports team.

Some teams that this could apply to include:

  • Junior Golf Teams and Junior Tennis Teams – You could purchase golf shirts along with the embroidering for the players and team staff.
  • Little League Softball and Baseball Teams – You could purchase shirts along with the embroidering for the coaches and team staff.

Essentially, this would entail you having someone embroider the team’s logo on the front of the shirt and your corporate name or logo could be embroidered on either the sleeve or the back of the shirt.  Consider the fact that not only would the team wear these shirts in front of large crowds; but if the team is popular, chances are that the fans would wear the golf shirts too. This means that your brand could literally begin marketing itself on auto pilot.

Interestingly, for the amount of exposure that you can attract using this method it can be very inexpensive.

Corporate Gifts

Another way that you could use golf shirts to market your business is to give a portion of your company’s shirts away as gifts.  Essentially, there are two types of gifts that you could provide:

  • Golf shirts imprinted with your company’s logo can act as a corporate souvenir for your customers.
  • They could also be given to your employees who could, in turn, wear them freely outside of work-which leads to additional brand recognition.

Corporate Uniforms

A golf shirt that’s been embroidered with your company’s logo can make a powerful branding statement.  Namely, a professionally embroidered corporate golf shirt seems to convey a message of organization, trust, and stability.  If this is something that you’re considering incorporating into your company’s marketing strategy, then it’s difficult to think of a better golf shirt to do this with than a 100% pique cotton golf shirt.  This type of shirt makes a great choice for businesses because they:

  • Look very professional
  • Allow for free flow of air
  • Keep the employee cool and comfortable

Additionally, their durability means that they can last for a long time which should translate into less money spent on your company’s new uniforms.  If you’re looking for golf shirts, make sure you check out our options at Rock Bottom T-Shirts where we feature over 20 styles in sizes from Medium to 4XL for just $4.99.

How are you using golf shirts to promote your business?  Please let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook Fan Page.

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