CIFF Autumn Winter 2011 Color Trend Report

Fall & Winter Fashion-Color Trends

Fall & Winter Fashion-Color Trends

Today’s review of the CIFF Autumn Winter 2011 Color Trend Report marks the second  color trends review that we’ve done for the upcoming autumn and winter seasons.

Though very different from each other, the four palettes in this color trend report, share a common emphasis on different shades of red.  As a reminder, summer and winter palettes are both cool palettes, whereas spring and autumn are both warm palettes.

CIFF’s 2011 Autumn – Winter Color Palettes

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Body Performance

CIFF expresses,A ballet dancer style express by skin tone palettes with fleshy tones, plastery pastels and talcy mauves with some tonic accents, luminous coral, and graphic contrast of black and white.”

The Body Performance palette exhibits muted tones that would best be classified as a winter color palette.

Its signature characteristics are the merging of muted tones against contrasting shades of black and white.  Another characteristic that stands out about this palette is that it’s very much a cosmopolitan look.

Rustic Roots

Here’s what CIFF says, “From industrial wastelands alloys and patinas inspired the color range: somber, subtle neutrals composed of inky blue, iron gray and taupe brown.”

The Rustic Roots palette is a throwback to the military look.  The interesting thing about this palette is that most colors are neutral and with few exceptions, simply variations of each other.


Here’s what CIFF says, “The Retro English style of this theme is evoked by muted tones, luminous camel, greenish-blues, taupey-gray, rich burgundy.”

Trady Twist features colors you would typically expect in spring or summer pallets.  The colors in this palette appear almost to be overly muted.  The style itself is retro-as in 18th and 19th century.  Plaids and paisley prints are the embodiment of this palette.

Dark Poetry

CIFF indicates this about the palette, “A poetically nocturnal palette with deep black, slate gray, inky blue and deep purple completed by flaming garnet, blushing pink and hallucinogenic green.”

This palette is probably a textbook example of a winter palette.  Its signature hues are ink blue and bluish- gray.  The hues and style of this palette are reminiscent of the grunge look that the character Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean series exhibits.


This color trend report shared much in common with Pantone’s Fall 2011 Color Trend Report; namely the emphasis on vintage or pre-vintage looks.  In essence, this fall and winter we should expect to see designers and retailers making an aggressive move towards retro inspired colors and fashion.  Rock Bottom T-Shirts is no exception-in fact we’re already prepared for this trend.

Here’s a list of colors that should match the hues that we’ve just discussed.


Number of Products




Jr Long Sleeve Longer Length T



Jr Thermal Hoodie



Womens 3/4 Sleeve V-Neck



Toddler Hooded Sweatshirt



Long Sleeve T Shirts – Women



Womens Thermal T-Shirt



Baby Zip Hood Sweatshirt



Baby Bodysuit – Long Sleeve



Girls Thermal Hoodie

Are you excited about the upcoming color trends for this autumn/winter 2011?  We’d like to know.  So please share your feelings on these colors in the comments below.  Alternatively, you may like this post on Facebook.

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