Newborn Outfits – The Secret to Finding the Right Clothes for Your Baby Quickly and Easily

New Born Baby Checklist

New Born Baby Checklist

Expectant parents often begin shopping for newborn outfits long before the baby arrives.  However, this has the potential to pose challenges.  Primarily this is because, at this point, even if you do know whether the baby will be a girl or a boy, you still may not know whether the baby will be big or small and how fast he or she will grow.

One way to solve this dilemma is to consider buying several sizes of clothing at once to make sure you always have the next size up when your baby grows.  This is just one issue you will face when trying to decide on which infant clothes to add to your new born baby checklist.  Here are some other tips to make buying your baby’s wardrobe even easier.

Be Practical

Babies can be very messy!  You can prepare for this by purchasing more baby clothes than you think you’ll need.  This way whenever you and your baby travel together, you can be sure to have a few spares of changing clothes handy.

Style and Comfort

When considering the color of your baby’s newborn outfits; if the baby has not been born yet, you can’t go wrong with neutral colors such as pastel yellow, green or white.  At Rock Bottom T-Shirts, we offer many fun, gender neutral colors that you may not find at your local retail store like red, orange, black and kelly.

And as much as you want your baby to be stylish, just remember to also take the baby’s comfort into consideration.  In addition to buying outfits that you think will be loose fitting for your baby; you also want to buy clothes that will keep the baby warm.

Infant Softy Snap Shoulder T-Shirt

Infant Softy Snap Shoulder T-Shirt

Try to find newborn outfits that have snaps around the crotch and legs for hassle free changing.  Also purchasing garments with snaps on the shoulders or lap shoulder necks will make changing the baby even easier!

Gift Certificates Instead of Newborn Outfits

If you’re buying newborn outfits as a gift for someone else, you may not know which items are on the recipient(s) new born baby checklist.  In this situation going with a gift certificate may be your best option.

This is a win-win for everyone because even if you don’t know what the recipient would like, you can still get them the perfect gift.

New Born Baby Checklist – Add Rock Bottom T-Shirts

At Rock Bottom T-Shirts you will experience all the convenience that online shopping has to offer without having to brave long lines at the malls. We pride ourselves on offering newborn clothing in a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from.

This way you can rest assured that your baby will be cute and stylish while also being dressed in comfort.  So add Rock Bottom T-Shirts to your new born baby checklist and you won’t be disappointed.




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