Lace Front Tee Project – A’ La “Gossip Girl”

Gossip Girl Inspired Lace Tee from iCandy Handmade

Gossip Girl Inspired Lace Tee from iCandy Handmade

Ok, so we may not be sure whether Gossip Girl is your favorite show or not but one thing that we do know is that the characters on the show display an amazing array of fashion pieces.  Along those lines one of our friends sent us a link to an amazing blog post that was actually inspired by Gossip Girl.

The post is on iCandy Handmade by Autumn and Jen. The great thing about their blog is that there’s a lot of variety.  Some of the craft projects are more advanced, while others such as this Gossip Girl Inspired Lace Front Tee are fairly simple.

There’s actually a pair of tutorials – one for the shirt shown here with a straight stripe down the middle.  Then there is another tutorial for their second version of the project, at the bottom of the blog post, where the ribbon of lace zigzags across the front of the t-shirt.

There are so many options that you can choose from with this cute and quick craft project. Since lace comes in a variety of widths, colors and patterns this makes it really easy for you to create a one of a kind tee.  Another thing that we love about this project is that it proves that it’s not the number of steps in a craft project that make it come to life, but rather it’s the creativity behind the craft that sets it apart!

We hope that you get a chance to try this project out at home.  And because project needs a terrific foundation, if you do choose to try your hand at this craft, why not try it with one of our wonderful tees!

We’d love to see the pictures of your fabulous lace front t-shirt, so share the inspiration by posting them to our Facebook page!


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3 responses to “Lace Front Tee Project – A’ La “Gossip Girl”

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  2. Jennabel

    So excited I found this artlice as it made things much quicker!

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