3 Easy Ways to Make Your Baby’s Clothes Last Longer and Save Hundreds!

Make Baby Clothes Last Longer

Make Your Baby's Clothes Last

If you’re the mother or father of a child, then you’re probably very aware of the fact that babies grow really quickly. That’s why it’s so important that you make the most out of your baby’s clothes. In this post we’ll cover topics such as:

  • What to do when those baby bodysuits no longer snap all of the way
  • How adding extra buttons can make your baby’s clothes last longer
  • Why you should buy baby socks without the built in heels

Getting the Most Out of Your Baby’s Bodysuits

One of the things that you can do when your baby’s bodysuits get too small is turn them into baby tees.  And since baby bodysuits are typically made from cotton fabric they’re really easy to update with just a few stitches.  Similarly, the hemming required, should you want to turn a handful of baby bodysuits that fit at five months into shirts that fit at eight months, is minimal.

Here’s another thing that you can do to add one to two months of wear-ability to baby bodysuits when they get too tight- cut them off near the top of the leg openings; just beneath the waist. Next, you carefully pull the fabric around the edges so that it curls upwards just a tiny bit.

When you use this method you won’t have any exposed threads to distract your little one. You can do something similar with footed bodysuits. For example, when the footed bodysuits get too small you can snip off the footies and this should easily add another one to two more months of wear to these pieces.

Product Lifecycle Extending Alterations

Hint: Another thing that you may want to do, at this point, is invest in a good sewing machine.  Adding extra buttons to overalls or shoulder snap t shirts can help them grow naturally with your child.   This is one of the instances where having a sewing machine really comes in handy.

Things such as adding extra fabric to the bottom of a dress or skirt can be carried out in minutes, just like letting out the hem of a pair of jeans or overalls can be completed quickly.  Purchasing clothing that’s mid-priced and made with cotton material along with plenty of elastic and snaps can makes transitions or embellishments even more pleasant.

Additional Hints and Tricks

If at all possible you should try to find socks that don’t have the built in heels -that way your baby can wear the socks a little bit longer.  Another tip is that despite the fact that socks with ducks and elephants are really cute, sticking with a solid color may help extend the life of individual socks if one happens to get misplaced.

Baby tees that come in three-packs may be easily altered into dust cloths. With a little trimming and hemming jeans and pants that have become worn or that have gotten too short can be turned into shorts for the summer. Likewise, sweaters can be made into baby “blankies”.  So what it boils down to is that making baby clothes last is largely about you embracing your own creativity and personality.

Please share any tips that you may have on getting the most from baby clothes in the comment form below. And if you enjoyed this post please like it on Facebook.


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