Six Easy Tips that Can Cut Your Monthly Gasoline Costs in Half

Cut Your Gasoline Costs in Half

Cut Your Gasoline Costs in Half

Even though the cost of gas has recently begun to drop, it is still wise for you to actively find ways to save money on gas. This is particularly the case if you’re on a tight budget.   So, just how is it possible to reduce your gas costs? Learn how by reading on.

1 – Car Pooling

Carpooling works especially well if you commute to school or work on a regular basis.  The idea behind carpooling is since most people who carpool have the same destination it isn’t necessary for each commuter to individually drive to his or her destination.  Instead, each commuter can ride together in the one commuter’s vehicle.

This system tends to work best when you alternate cars on different days so that the gas burden is equally shared. For example, one day of the week you can take everyone to work and the next day one of your co-workers can drive and you ride…

2 – Public Transportation

Another option that you can take advantage of is public transportation. If your school or job is near a bus route you can enjoy the ride and pay just a fraction of the gas prices that you ordinarily would pay if you drove to the destination yourself. This is also a great way to get some extra rest while you’re headed to your destination.

3- Compare Gas Prices Online

Even while you take advantage of the other savings tactics that we’ve discussed, you can still keep track of gas prices.  A great way to do this is to use websites like to track and compare gas prices by zip code.   A few cents here and a few cents there can add up to substantial savings over a year’s time.

4- Go Green

You can also save money on gas by riding a bike or walking to your destination.  Doing it this way is a win-win situation because you’ll be getting great exercise and saving lots of money at the same time! There’s also three more wonderful benefits a) you cut down on the time that you spend having to look for parking spaces b) you can actually reduce your rush hour commute and c) it’s great for the environment.

5-Get Regular Preventative Maintenance

One thing that many commuters often overlook when trying to save money on gas costs, is the overall condition of their car. This entails making sure that you’re getting regular oil changes as well as having your engine serviced on a regular basis. Making sure that your fuel system is clean is another way to improve your gas mileage.

6-Maintain the Recommended Tire Pressure

Having inadequate tire pressure can greatly reduce your car’s gas mileage.   So if you aren’t already doing so, regularly checking your car’s tire pressure is a wonderful habit.

There isn’t really a standard optimum pressure that works for all vehicles.  So the easiest way to find your car’s recommended tire pressure is for you to refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual.


These are just a few of the ways that you can save money on gas. Since gas is non-renewable making wise use of it is the only way for us to conserve this vital resource.

Do you have any tips on how to save money at the pump that you’d like to share with us? Please share them below.  Also, if you’re logged into Facebook you can comment on this post without having to enter your name or email address.  And if you enjoyed this post please share it with your friends or like it on Facebook.


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