Million Looks Fall and Winter 2011 Color Trend Review

2011 Fall Winter Fashion Colors

2011 Fall Winter Fashion Colors

This is our first color trend forecast review that we’ve done on a company that’s not a fashion or color studio.  Instead we’re doing today’s color trend review on a forecast that comes from a popular fashion blogger-Million Looks.

What’s unique about the Million Looks Fall/Winter 2011/2012 color forecast-is that it’s easily the most comprehensive and actionable color trend report that we’ve reviewed so far.  Additionally, they organized their report around actual trends rather than color palettes and this helps make the Million Looks Color Trend Report stand out.

Here are the seven color trends that Million Looks predicts will be big this fall and winter:

1.  Soft Colors Will Rebound this Fall and Winter

Million Looks is confident that this fall and winter we should see soft colors taking center stage.  Interestingly, fall and winter colors aren’t noted for being soft.  However, since neutral colors are central to both autumn and winter fashion, then soft colors should do just as well in the fall and winter as they do in the warmer months.

2.  Soft Background Backgrounds and Bright Accessories

The second trend mentioned by Million Looks, to pair your soft colors with bright accessories, seems like more of a suggestion than a trend.   However, this sounds like a trend that will easily be embraced by fashion houses because it’s a wonderful way to balance your wardrobe.

3.  Burgundy as the New Black

The third trend that this report forecasts is that burgundy will be huge in the 2011 autumn and winter fashion season.  They hinted at the luxurious feeling that accompanies the burgundy shade.  Another interesting quality of burgundy is that it’s a color that can be either warm or cold so this is a trend that could outlive the 2011 fall and winter season.

4.  Shiny Colors Will Make a Splash

The fourth trend that this report forecasts is that shiny colors will be really popular this winter.  Be forewarned here though because shiny colors aren’t suitable for everyday wear.  Million Looks suggests that you reserve your shiny outfits for only the most special of occasions this fall and winter.

5.  Expect to See More Fabrics in Midnight Blue

Million Looks forecasts that midnight blue could be another color that will do well this fall and winter.  What makes midnight blue unique is that it goes well with almost any other color that you can wear and this is something that Million Looks cited as a reason that this color could do well this fall and winter.

6.  Neutral Colors Have Grounding Effect

In addition to soft colors and midnight blue having the potential to do really well in this 2011 fall and winter fashion season, Million Looks predicts that neutral colors will do well overall.  This prediction seems very likely to materialize.

7.  Expect to See Prints

The last trend that Million Looks observed on the 2011 fall and winter runways was more fashion designers embracing elaborate color prints.  The concept is not very different than balancing soft colors with bright accents.  However, in this instance, prints balance out monotone with vibrant and colorful designs.   Examples of prints being used to balance monotone colors would include plaid, leopard, python, and floral prints.

If the Million Looks 2011 Fall and Winter Color Forecast is anything to go by, then this fall and winter we should expect to see an exuberant mix of colors showing up in our wardrobes.  It’s encouraging to see a report that hints at the possibility of there being a color combination for everyone this fall and winter.

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